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Sept 11 Range Report


.50 BMG
I got out to the rifle range with my best shooting buddy Bobby and we had a really good time throwing lead at paper. The weather was perfect and it wasn't very windy, but there was a modest crowd of people at the members range.

I think I finally figured out how to work the ghost ring sight on the Henry .22 magnum. It's quite a challenge when you're shooting tiny targets at 50 yards, but learning how to focus on that sight is a trick.

I previously called this a Lyman sight but it is a Skinner, and I have not tried to adjust it yet.

I shot the Ruger Mark-lll .22 pistol, and the ATI 1911 pistol, the Henry .22 magnum, the Henry .38 Special , and the .45-70 Marlin lever gun.

All of these targets were shot at 50 yards with the Henry .22 magnum, and the Skinner ghost ring style peep sight.

This would have been a nice pattern of 5 if I hadn't flinched, and it is about the best shooting I did.


I had paused between targets and so I took a second Cold Shot at this target before shooting the one above. The grouping on this first Target was much worse.

Also shot at 50 yards, this was my best 3 shot group with the 38 Special Henry.

That gun has a 9 power Tasco scope on it. The other shots are part of a .22 pistol rapid fire mess. I would have covered them but I ran out of pasters.


This was my last Target of the day and so I didn't get to fill it out. I got a nice group of five from the 22 magnum and a group of three from the 38 Special. This was also shot at 50 yards. Both cases I was shooting at the center diamond, and the .38 could obviously benefit from a scope adjustment

But by the time I shot this I had the ghost ring sight pretty well figured out, and the CCI .22m ammo seems very consistent. All the .38 shots were made with Federal ball ammunition and it also seems very consistent.

The 38 was balky, and it has always been so. I finally determined that it wasn't getting enough lubrication in the ejector Groove. That made a big difference in the operation of the rifle.

I took the lever and bolt out and took a good time to clean it up and re lube it.

The other guns all ran flawlessly and I didn't keep any Targets. Mostly I was function testing and tuning.

I also took my Ranger 16 gauge shotgun, because I had shortened the firing pin a little bit on the left Barrel.

Last time I'd had a few misfires on that one.

This time I ran 23 shells through the gun and had not a single miss.

I was shooting Winchester number 8 birdshot at a big steel Target. I also shot my buddies 12ga Remington pump gun which works very well.

I practiced shooting both guns from the shoulder and the hip, but we didn't throw any clay.

Because my buddy finally has become a senior citizen and retired he was able to get the half price membership which is a real boon.