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Shell holder for mini shot shells for 500


Can anyone advise shell holders for Mossberg 500 that is designed to hold the short mini defense shotshells?

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I would think that any side shell holder would still fit them. Albeit maybe a little long.

I have a saddle on the side of my receiver made of plastic that I would suspect would still hold them.


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I am not familiar with any side shell holder designed specifically for mini-shells.

But ESSTAC would maybe be a good choice.


I don't have any mini shells, but it looks like my sidesaddle would hold two minis in each cylinder, one at each end.


The diameter is the same, so generally speaking you should be able to use any 12ga side saddle to hold any length shell from 3-1/2” down to 1-3/4”.

I have a couple of Tacstar side saddles, for 4 shells and for 6 shells. You can double load them with minishells if the loops are tight enough, or just single load them like you would any other shell.

For shotgun cards, buttstock cuffs, bandoliers, or slings with elastic loops you can single load them and they should work fine.