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Shooting Bags- Deal of the day

I gave the bags a whirl today and they did good. I was shooting a Savage Model 64 .22 at 30 or so yards and at 100 yards. The not so good ones of course are the 100 yarders. I was using a fixed 4x scope and an 8” target. It’s mega windy today (always is) as well so I had to mess around with the scope quite a bit. Overall the cheap China rice bags are worth the price of rice in China. Damn you china!! Also, if I get lost in the woods with them I can eat the rice. :thumbsup:


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It wasn’t as windy today so I tried again with my .22 at 100 yds and it was better this time. I’ll call it “good” for a 4x zoom I guess.


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I bought similar bags years ago, but they came pre-filled with some kind of plastic shavings...almost little pellets, but irregular.
I burned thru all of them while shooting, and covered over the affected fabric and vinyl with suede from an old jacket.
My solution. Caldwell bags with no fill and then I find some really cheap kitty litter and I’m good to go.
I have the Caldwell bags, And I would consider them too light for my taste. I also have the X bag.

The one bag I built for myself was sewn from suede leather, and I filled it with small aquarium gravel.

I’ve heard that kitty litter works but it also sucks up moisture fast, & it doesn’t let it go very fast.

The gravel that I used can be bought at any Walmart for a few dollars, & I think the tiny gravel works better than sand, rice, kitty litter or anything organic.