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SHOTGUN: anyone running Black Aces Tactical quad rail?


Hey guys, im going to be buying a BAT quad rail in the near future and figuring out what sights to run now that i will have all kinds of real estate. Ive been looking at a Bushnell TRS-25 and Magpul flip up sights, both front and rear. My Mossberg 500 has the 18.5 inch barrel so the sights arent that great on it, so the possibilities are endless with a quad rail. Im looking to see how anyone has run a similar setup to what i have in mind. Will i need to get a riser for the red dot (either Bushnell or Primary Arms)? just to get everything to co-witness? Any help (and pictures!) would be greatly appreciated!


Three years later & no-one answered. ( WOW ) I looked at these myself & at first I liked it. It gave the shotgun a great look & added appeal to the gun. It weighs 14.5 ounces I called & asked & that's almost a pound & you start adding accessories to that & you have a shotgun on the brink of way to much weight. I bought a Remington 870 & put a light & brk a lazer & brk & strap & brackets and a sidesaddle and a Blackhawk special opps 2 stock & pretty soon you got three more pounds and a shotgun that is just about for looks only. I love my 870 & would not change & thing. But botton line it is to heavy. But it looks cool. But impractical. Just bought a 930 spx & I will not make the same mistake. Good Luck Sir.


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Yup. I too really like the look. But I’ve also realized just how impractical it really is. Kinda like the new 41 round KSG 12 ga. It’s just a shotgun. It’s a work horse but it has limitations. More is not more in this case.