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Shotgun Parts


Copper BB
One that was from a new gun disassembled to sale as individual parts.
Are they worth more that way? I have an extra stock set and trigger group for a 500A, plus barrel. I would not have expected the receiver for sell though.

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You can post here for the discussion and questions of any shotgun related parts not by model.


What exactly is a take off receiver?

What a lot of people will do is buy a gun cheap and part it out. Often times, they are worth more as parts, especially barrels lately. Usually what is leftover is the receiver, and they might call it a "take off" when more specifically, parts are taken off of IT. ;) A bare or loaded receiver technically IS a gun legally, and is usually sold very cheaply because the new buyer (if in a different state or one that requires a BGC) will have to go through the hassle of a transfer OR be an FFL with parts to build it. A common receiver is often just stripped for parts (like you need) then destroyed and scrapped. Or given back at a gun buyback... :D

BTW, Welcome Aboard! :)


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Welcome to the forum. Once you get the bug to build your own it can lead to many more builds. Good luck and post some pics when you are finished.