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This is an IAC Hawk 982 heavier made and better built 870 clone!

The Hawk has the following.
Nordic components +1 extension
GG&G follower
Stock magazine tube spring
Magpul moe forend cerakoted magpul od green.
Magpul miad grip in od green with grip tape.
Magpul moe stock with cds tactical neoprene cheek rest with limb saver butt pad with IWC moe stock sling adapter.
Mesa tactical 870 leo adapter
Kynshot hydraulic adjustable recoil buffer
Magpul forward sling mount
Timney sear with 3 pound spring
Remington 870 police dog carrier spring.
Tacstar metal plate with industrial strength velcro cut to shape and an skd tactical 7 shot shot card.
Wilson combat jumbo safety
Cerakoted patriot brown over manganese park.
800 lumen inforce wmlx light
Vickers vcas padded sling



On a note in case anyone attempts this the forend will require significant fitting to get on. Secondly with the gg&g follower and the stock magazine spring the Nordic components +1 extension will give +2 if you use American made shells. If you use European shells such as rio, fiocchi, or even estate you can only get 6+1.



20181019_185451.jpg 20181019_185438.jpg 20181019_190427.jpg def the nicest cleanest best cared for single boomer Ive ever aquired. Its a 1974 HR "deluxe# 98 topper, 20 gauge. So clean its scary, appears to have been bought oiled and put up for 40 years. Now its mine I love it like cant put it down makes me feel 12 again walkin around with a pocket full of shells shootin stuff , lol . Enjoy


Yall gotta pitch in !!!!!! Post some shottys, if,ya need go buy more feed the economy.
These are the Stevens brothers left 1920ish 335 0213191603.jpg 16 ga, right is 1939 12ga 530a. These are American working man guns, still strong accurate reliable. I intend to add a .410 and a 20 when they present themselves at the right price, I'm patient.


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Pics aren't my forte'...I should get my wife to do some nice shots for me, she's the photographer with all the fancy lens and crap!

My 870 Express Super Magnum dressed for turkey dinner and trips to the trap range with 26" barrel.......


Same 870 dressed for security duty with 20" barrel...........



I just ordered a 2 shot mag tube extension, it should arrive mid-next week, making it 6+1 + 5 more on the stock.