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should I do it?

I know this is a Mossberg site, I thought I would still ask. I went looking for a 22lr rifle about a month ago and wanted a bolt action, with quality dropping at times I will only buy in person and I went looking at my local shops. I didn't want to wait as things seem to pop up and take my saving money if I don't act quick. I found no bolts but did get a stainless 10/22 black stock and came home with it and 4 25 rd. mags. A friend of mine went today and found a Mossberg bolt 22lr, I think it's a 802. Now for my question for this post. He has offered me a trade of his bolt gun for my auto and mags and has offered $150 boot. Neither gun have been fired yet, so what would ya'll do? Thanks for any help.
Based on original prices only, the 802 would be a cheaper gun and the 25 rd mags aren't cheap either. Now, which one do you actually want more? And how much more? I think both rifles will function just fine. There are more accessories available for the 10/22. You pays your money, you makes your choice. Take care. Tom Worthington
If you really want a Bolt Action 22lr then make the trade. Make sure you come out even with respect to the $.

Having said that there are better bolt action 22lr rifles out there than the 802. The Ruger 10/22 you purchased is a great little plinkster and you have 4 25 round magazines!

I would keep the 10/22 and save up for a nice wooden stock bolt action rifle chambered in 22lr.
You cannot do much better than the 10/22 as far as semi autos go. Its a solid base and the sky is the limit in terms of precision, tactical, hunting, etc accessories.

If you really want a bolt gun then trade.
Keep the 10/22 (especially in stainless) then get a Ruger American .22 that will take the same mags... ;) LINK


I have both the 10/22 and the American Rimfire bolt rifle. Superb guns for the money. The Ruger American Rimfire has a dreamy trigger, much like the Savage Accu-Trigger.

Hold on to your 10/22 and save for an American Rimfire down the road.

Easily adjustable LOP, bedded action, free floated, drilled and tapped for scope bases.

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If you ever want to scope the bolt gun you may get, the 802 only has 3/8" grooves which is a really cheap method of attaching a scope (although it does work). I would try to get a bolt rifle that is drilled and tapped for a real scope base and rings.

BUT, to be fair, I just looked and a Ruger American Rimfire is $200 more than a Mossberg.

So maybe the Mossberg 802 isn't such a bad choice given the lower price.
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The Savage B22 is a heck of a gun for the money.
I own two bolt action Savage .22s and I have nothing bad to say about them.

I have a 10-22 as well but it’s a very modern one with bits of plastic where the old one had metal.
I agree about the savages. They make really good guns.

I have a few of the Mk2's.

OK. Actually, I have one Mk2. And I have an older Lakefield gun which was made prior to selling the design to savage. While it's not technically a savage and there is some differences and some parts won't interchange between the two, I still consider it a mk2.

I also have an old Springfield Arms marked with selectable semi or single shot straight pull that I like. A lot. The reason I mention it, was that it was made by savage arms.

So, I guess you could say that I really do like savage/stevens stuff.

I know that you didn't ask, but kygunco has savage bolt rimfires on sale with free shipping-in stock and under $200 at the moment.

I really like the Savage rifle lineup. Great guns and priced well. Much more affordable than my Ruger American Rimfire, that's for sure.

That Mk II F looks like a very nice way to get into a bolt .22LR, as long as you already have an optic and the means to mount it (or plan to get all that).

I would actually be really proud to own a rifle like that.

Thanks for the link @John A.

I can't afford it for at least a couple months, tho'...........
You're welcome.

I like my old indian heads.

Here's my first. The old lakefield. I have since made it to be an integrally suppressed/built in silencer gun. Made a large bolt handle for it. And drilled and tapped the receiver to put a picatinny rail on it. More like the FVSR because I like that setup.

It's very handy for squirrel.

I put a newer savage stock on it and also camo dipped the entire gun. At first glance, no one would be the wiser that it was a shhh gun.


The FV-SR heavy barrel. This was the first camo job on it. It's a sponge paint camo. Plenty good enough for headshots on squirrels when I do my part.

I have since did a strata pattern camo dip on it.




And the "gill gun". Or click-clack. Or the Springfield. Or the Savage. Depending on who you are talking to.

Yes, I threaded the barrel to use a suppressor on it too. Despite many that think the old guns should never be tampered with. But the way I see it, it's mine to do whatever I want with it.

And I want to be able to shoot it suppressed whenever I want to :)


I made a steel thread protector the same diameter as the barrel so it won't look out of place whenever it's not wearing a can. Though it wouldn't hurt if I put another coat or two of blue on it to darken it up a little better.