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Shout out to Hombre


Hombre, that storm that tore through yesterday went through your neck of the woods. I hope you were hunkered down in a safe place. When ya can let us know how you are .

I am ok Meanie. Thanks for asking.

What a blow we had. In places...112 mph winds. i watched out my window trees toppling over, 3-5 inch limbs broken blowing in to our yard and then turning back and blowing back where they came from. Not a lot of rain. That storm went diagonally from the Mississippi SW of the Quad Cities, IL, up into Wisconsin. It was a wide storm...from South west of the Quads and south of the Mississippi, into Wisconsin and into Indianna. I can usually open the windows when it blows and let some cool air in. This time it blew right in my window. Strangely, that wind was from dead North. The storm pattern was a wide and deep diagonal from SW to NE. I heard of only one death. No reports I heard of of any other injuries. One farmer down the road called the radio station and reported one of his roosters laid the same egg 3 times. He is now living in a more liberal town.


.50 BMG
Wow! That is a serious storm!

Folks, it is amazing that out here the weather has not changed one iota. Every day is somewhere between 95 and 105 with plenty of dry sunshine.