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simple sling needed


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ok, I'm in a wheelchair. I need something to carry my 500 with. but here is the issue, I'm the one who doesn't please easily. I want something I can use or tie on to the gun. I don't want to alter the gun with sling
studs and such. I like the way the gun looks and feels to me stock and abhor doing any changes. so this sling has to be easily tied on and taken off without any alterations nor damage to the gun. has anyone seen something done like this ? thanks !


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There's a style of sling that was used with old muskets and such called a boot sling which might suit you. No mods required to the gun. Still popular with some folks. Here's what they look like:


The boot laces onto the buttstock and the front end of the sling is simply a loop that goes around the barrel and is tightened down. That might present a problem with a pump gun, but I imagine it could be overcome.

I know you wanted zero modifications but its a simple mod and once done you will never have to worry about it again. The sling comes with the front plate and its a quality product. I absolutely love Specter Gear and they are G2G. Just suggesting it in case you don't find something elsewhere. It comes with the front sling plate you need. If you need to reverse the simple mod its just as easy. In theory unless you are just absolutely worried about loosing the captive nut you don't even have to reverse the mod if you choose to ever ditch the sling. The rear portion of the sling is easy to add/remove as well. Finally it has a easy emergency detach buckle in case you need to get it off in a hurry.

Hope the suggestion might help.


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An old belt and some leather laces? I remember my pops having a leather sling with a lace that tied around the barrel, on a vent rib gun, but going around the mag tube would work the same. Cant remember exactly how it attached to the buttstock. May have been another lace around the grip


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Well, I got some material to make a sling but it failed terribly. I will look further and continue on my quest. The main point is that it be functional for me and super cheap. No doubt in the end it will cost me big time.