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Sling assistance for new 500spx


Copper BB

My turn to wade into the myriad of sling options :)
Here's my story: I have a Mossberg 500spx strictly for HD. The OEM stock has been replaced with a Mesa Tactical recoil absorbing stock. The forend has been replaced by a SureFire Model 623LM tactical light. The gun still has the OEM 5 round magazine tube.

I do not want to use a sling at all and will not be storing my gun with a sling, however I have signed up for a couple tactical shotgun courses and they all REQUIRE a sling for the course, so I am kind of forced into getting one.

The Mesa tactical stock has a couple flush cups on the stock adapter and comes with a pushutton QD sling swivel. it also has a fixed sling loop at the bottom of the butt plate. The end of the 500spx magazine tube has a threaded hole in it.

What made the most sense to me was to use the sling loop at the bottom of the butt as one attach point and the end of the mag tube as another attach point... I see various products that I believe will screw into the end of the mag tube, but they also seem to come with a wood screw for a wooden stock attach point. I also see replacement mag tube caps with attachments being sold, but don't see why i should replace mine as that threaded hole has to be there for some reason.

I'm kind of getting dizzy reading posts and exploring the tremendous amount of options - can anyone offer me a relatively simple solution for my setup?