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Sling Question


Hello All...I hope I am not annoying you yet but this is by FAR the best source of information on the net when it comes to mossberg/shotgun/gun ownership. Thanks for that!

I want to put a couple of swivels on my ulti mag for a sling and there is the perfect mount on the stock. The gun came with a little eye screw for the mag tube end cap. now my question is...how can I mount the swivel on the eye screw because when I tighten the screw down it is nowhere near horizontal. Does any of that make sense?

Think of a clock..when I want the hole of the eye screw to be at nine oclock and three oclock it is more like eleven and five.

How can I make it 9 and 3 and still be secure/tight?



.270 WIN
The easiest way would probably be to place a flat washer or two between the cap and the stud as a spacer.