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SR-I Firing Both Barrels Simultaneously


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Hey guys, I finally got to shoot my Silver Reserve that I purchased at a gunshow. I had the gun set to fire the U barrel first, my first shot was a loud bang, then I pulled the trigger to fire the top barrel and I just heard a click. I broke it open and saw that both shells had been spent. I figured it might have had to do with the switch so I reloaded and set it to O. Same result occurred, so I took the barrels off and check the firing pins which looked fine to me (I am very we behind the ears though). I rechecked it. Did a dry fire to check the trigger and it clicked twice like it should have (I know it's bad). But when I reloaded it, both shells went off simultaneously again. I decided not to continue firing it and finished my shells in a loaner. Anyone had any experience with this issue? If so, how did you remedy it? Is it an easy/cheap fix? I heard I should take it to a gunsmith to have it fixed but I wanted to know if I should just send it to Mossberg to fix. It's serial number does fall within the faulty firing pin timeline if that has anything to do with it.

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I'd honestly just let Mossberg fix it.