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Stamp collecting (NFA)

Re: Changes to my Military Armament

so can you bump fire that thing or what...lol
Re: Changes to my Military Armament

oli700 said:
so can you bump fire that thing or what...lol

I think the correct answer this time would be:

"or what...lol"

Thanks for the compliments gentlemen.

Now to get time to sight everything in, but that will almost certainly be after Christmas. I laser boresighted it, and it would be close enough for local calls, but I'll have to actually shoot it to fine tune everything.
Re: Changes to my Military Armament

That's awesome John! I like how you found and used existing pieces to improve it as you wanted it. Keep us posted!
Re: Changes to my Military Armament


The hardest part was machining the new slot in the existing rail so I could get the CAA front sight mounted far enough forward that I could lay the sight down and still clear the front of the eotech.

I only had a 1/8" mill bit, so I had to make 2 seperate passes to make the correct width slot and being on a manual drill press, was able to do it, but wasn't perfect like a CNC mill would've done, but as long as the sight is mounted, you can not tell that the 2nd pass was a little deeper than the first unless you're actually looking for it without the front sight on it.

I have kicked myself over it, but what's done is done. I can't go back and change it now. Thankfully though, the world didn't end, and the sky didn't fall when it happened and I'm not going to cry over spilled milk.

I will also note that I really like the CAA front sight.

A lot.

The rear sight apertures seem a little odd sized to me for what I am used to, but for what they are (back up sights), should be alright. They're actually more along the lines of an uzi more than an AR aperture. Especially if you use the notch sight that is like most pistol rear sights.
Re: Changes to my Military Armament

John A. said:
oli700 said:
so can you bump fire that thing or what...lol

I think the correct answer this time would be:

"or what...lol"

I suggest a Bumpster or a Slidefire .....that thing is going to be boring as hell without is. Also if you paint the mags zombie green it’s easier to find them because when you get the Bumpster you’re going to be combat reloading like a mofo. Please don’t take this the wrong way because I realy like the look of the fake suppressor, but if after you buy the Slidefire and paint your a little light on cash you can go on YouTube and find a video on turning your oil filter into a badass silencer. I’ve done it and I personally go with the used filters. Only a sucker would use a new perfectly good filter for a silencer...but some people do !
Re: Changes to my Military Armament

Dang dude, that's pretty sweet!
Re: Changes to my Military Armament

Yeah oli, I was thinking of painting the whole gun glow in the dark green with chartruese yellow accents.

And I was going to paint the bullets glow in the dark green too, so when I shoot them, they'll be like REAL tracers.

That's why I put the flash light on it so I can recharge the paint so I don't ever run out of spook.
Re: Changes to my Military Armament

You are an advanced being John, I aspire to be in your league sir, and don’t put your eye out with that smoke wagon son !
One day I'll get in on this club. For now a few friends of mine are in and Ialready have the chance to play with some cool stuff.

Two things actually three that are NFA items that I'd like to one day get ahold of. A proper AMD65 clone. Never happening with the full auto but at least I can get a bit closer with the SBR route than the typical extended welded on brakes most have floating around out there. A .300 BLK SBR'ed AR with the can on it. Ok technically thats 2 stamps but wait...... Liberty suppressors makes a Leonidas integral .300 blk upper. Really dig that and finally I wouldn't mind having an 870 or a 500/590 AOW. Something about a sawed off shotgun just appeals to me. Damn hollywood movies :D

I can see the AOW probably being the first as its the cheapest get your foot in the door option to consider.

Zero LEO support around here for a sign off. Trust route would be almost a guarantee for me. Friends used a guy called Sean Cody out of Houston. He is a rabid class 3 shooter and a damn good lawyer from what I'm told. If I'm ever in need of a lawyer versed in firearm law here in Texas his office is the first call I'm making.

One day. Have fun with all your class 3 toys.
Nice collection john......

Jgwillis... Good info to know about representation, j.i.c.
Moving back to Texas here in July after 20 yrs of service and looking to expand my collection too..... Good POC to have. I have heard of that CODY name before and I've been gone 20 years from home.....and I also have a very good friend of mine who is a sheriff in west Texas (Might come in handy in the process...lol)
Thank you sir.

And good luck with the move.
It's been a while since the topic has been updated, but I am currently on the waiting list for the new Lage max upper for my M10. (WOO HOO !!)

To be perfectly honest, from speaking to Richard and Jackie, in knowing that the bolt has been redesigned to be lower center of gravity over the barrel and a rate of fire closer to the MP5, and almost 2 pounds lighter, I am very excited to get it. though I still have 4-8 weeks (estimate) before they start shipping out this batch.

My existing Max upper is awesome, but I am looking very forward to the new gen upper.

In the meantime, I have been doing a few little mods to my MP5. It was giving me some cycling issues the last time I used it, which I believe that I have now remedied.

But, when I took it out the other day, and testing it with wolf 115 gr 9mm, would occasionally give me some light primer strikes on the hard primers, so I have since replaced the hammer spring with a new one, and while I was at it today, I also installed a tac-paddle mag release, which I am really digging now that I got it installed is day and night better than the original push button AR style release.

new roof pics 009.JPG

Don't get me wrong the AR style release works fine on an AR, but the HK design team were never really known for ergonomic control placement, so it is sub-mediocre on the MP5 receiver.

Anyway, here's the last video I did before replacing the hammer spring or installing the new mag catch. As you can see, the cycling issue was resolved, but the light primer strikes on the primers were bugging me to death.

But it's got a brand spanking new hammer spring in it now, so it should be back in service now. I'll know after I get to run a few mags of the wolf back through it with no issues.

I suppose this would be a good time to tell any xbox operator to look away if you don't think that a gun is a tool and requires regular maintenance to remain in service, despite being a "top tier" 50 year old carbine design LOL, so yes, MP5's can and will malfunction just like any other weapon.

And some FA laughs with the M10 Ingram


That Lage Max upper makes the M10 look kinda like the H&K MP7. That oughtta be a really nice set-up.

There's a spot in town that rents out range time on a few of their in-house happy switches. A friend of mine tried them out and said the M4 runs pretty good, but the MP5 is a headache. Apparently they don't keep it clean or well maintained...
I really love my old Lage upper, though it's a heavy beast, and the way the bolt weight sits above the barrel, there is a considerable amount of motion as the bolt cycles as the gun fires.

Don't get me wrong, it's easily controllable, but, when you're behind the trigger you can definitely notice it. And the redesign is supposedly a lot more "solid" and "stable" feeling as was how Jackie phrased it to me, so I'm looking forward to getting it.

As for MP5's, a lot of folks (even gun guys) think that HK's are the best kool aid out there, but the whole reason why I wanted to upload that video above was just to dispel some of the stigma associated with them.

They are no less prone to a bonafide part failure as any other weapon is and are not the "be all, end all" as some fanboys would have you believe.

Though in all fairness, you've known me long enough to know that it goes against my being to tolerate a malfunctioning gun for any longer than absolutely necessary, so the hammer spring has already been replaced.

But I have taken it out of contention until I can verify that the issue is resolved with some live fire, however, I think it will be fine now.

Just letting my thumb ride on the hammer when you pull the trigger is considerably more tension and power than before and I am fairly confident that it'll light even the notoriously hard russian primers now.

And if the new 9mm spring doesn't quite get it, I also bought an extra power (223/308) hammer spring just in case, so either way, it'll light whatever I feed it by the time I am finished with it. LOL
Still waiting on the Gen 2 Lage upper for the Mac, though I did get a reply from Jackie that they were on track for a mid to late June timeframe, so hopefully sometime this month I'll have the new upper to play with.

In the meantime, a quick update on the MP5. The light primer strike issue has been fixed via a couple of new springs.

I have since fabricated and fitted a different barrel hanger (holds the front forend pin-not shown in these pics), and was able to find an affordably priced A2 buttstock and also added a 3 lug barrel thread protector over the 1/2 to 28 barrel threads for when it's not wearing the suppressor. The entire upper will be refinished when I get the Norrells Moly Socom black paint in the next week or so.

In all, I'm very glad that she's running like a top again, and I am digging the traditional look.


She is DAMN SEXY John!

Glad to see you've got her running smoothly again. Nicely done Sir...