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Still here!


.270 WIN
Just checking in with y'all letting you know I am ok after Hurricane Ida. Got no power, low water pressure. Good news is my area did not flood and received only minor damage. Got my Maverick88 by my side! Along with a few friends. LOL. I'm good for now. Later.
Glad you're OK. I didn't even know you were going to be affected or lived near there.
I live in Jefferson Parish, county for those who don't understand Louisiana. Just outside of New Orleans. Hurricanes are just a way of life here. Been through a few others in my life so this is nothing new to me. My only problem is the GF complaining about not having AC!
We're all glad that you're safe. Hopefully no major structural or water damage at your place.

Power crews always have contractors on standby during hurricanes. They usually stage a couple of days before landfall so they'll have their feet on the ground as soon as the storm lets up enough for them to start working and rebuilding. It may take some time, but there's a lot of good men out there already trying to get the power back on to you guys.
Good to hear! Over the last 6 yrs we have had power outages from 2--6 hrs and recently 4 hrs and I'm done. Going to set appointments for Honeywell, Kohler and Generac estaminets from all 3, dual fuel natural gas and propane. If it gets that bad and the natural gas runs out we will have a 1K propane tank as backup. We have over an acre and planned on fencing in 70% of it for the dogs, weeeell that's gonna wait and a 12-14 KW whole house system is going to be done first. Cause I would go nuts with out power for that long !!! And the wife needs her CPAP to sleep ,she is in the medical field and needs her sleep cause lives depend on her. Stay strong man!
Glad things are starting to come back. I know it's a hard hit to lose a lot of food and stuff in the deep freezer, but considering how much worse it could have been, I'm grateful that you guys are OK.
Been back at work since last week. Very busy around here. I work for Goodyear. Making good overtime for now. Shop will be closed Sunday. I need a break!