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Super disappointed with Winchester Q4240 .44 Mag ammo velocity


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First, I had to go to the the Winchester web site just to find the product code because it is printed nowhere on the box. But what REALLY bothers me is this:

The advertised muzzle velocity of this ammo (240-gr jacket soft point) is a mere 1180-fps. That sucks for a 240-gr .44 Magnum.

Thank God I only have one full box.

Now MagTech on the other hand has a load 44A, of which I have a few boxes (I bought this factory ammo to get brass from which to reload my own) has a very respectable muzzle velocity of 1617-fps from an 8-inch barrel. So I figure out of my 16.5" lever action I expect somewhere around 1800-fps. Now that is magnum power. And it costs about the same!

Screw purchasing any more Winchester 240-gr .44 Magnum.

John A.

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I still have some old winchester shotgun and rimfire ammo. But, neither of them are loaded very consistently.

The rimfire is so bad, you can actually listen to the sound with your own ears and can tell one will sound like it should and another random round will be a fraction as loud.

As for the shotgun shells, they are loaded more consistently powder/velocity wise, but I noticed that when I used winchester shells in my 16 gauge that I'd be more likely to have to use a followup shot on squirrels more often than I did while using federal.

We both know that may be more of how it patterns with the wad, but I guess what I'm saying is, I'm not a very big fan of winchester/olin ammo.