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Tell Sen. Manchin Vote NO on Bidens ATF Nominee David Chipman

I think Senator Big House is committed to moderation lest he be dragged out of his office by his constituents... ;)
Wealth has nothing to do with constituents my friend.

I still emailed manchin directly and told him that the atf was already overstepping their constitutional authority since biden took the oath to protect and defense the constitution only to turn around and try to destroy it. So, they didn't need the help of a proven antigun activist to make matters any worse.
The guy just seems like such a chimp on television. Yuck!

(I mean a sniveling ugly mean little chimp. Not a handsome chimp like our Water Monkey.)

I wouldn’t trust that guy with a broken slingshot. To make him the custodion of anything dangerous is a folly.
From today’s FPC news:
Waco Dave is meeting 1-on-1 with "undecided" Senators regarding his nomination as ATF Director as we speak.

This news is extremely concerning on so many levels.

What is Chipman doing behind closed doors? Is he threatening Senators' dogs with summary execution if they vote no?