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Tell Us About Your SCREEN NAME and AVATAR...


Copper BB
Do your screen name and avatar have any special meaning or did you just pick a random name and a cool pic? Some are pretty self explanitory, but others can be much more inspired.

Let's hear it...

Uh, screen name: Klystron : means a drift tube that bunches electrons as they travel, not unlike a gun barrel.
Used to be a RADAR tech. While joining the Physics Forum (PF), "magnetron" was already taken, so I chose a different amplitron tube: a klystron.

Haven't been able to insert avatar yet but it'll probably be a USAF TAC (tactical air command) patch pic. Thanks.


Welcome, Klystron, to Mossberg Owners from E TN.


Copper BB
Screen name is nothing facey it's just my email. Avatar is a TV color bars test pattern that is almost not used anymore but I used it at the start of my career in broadcasting so it holds a special place for me.


I remember the test pattern well. I also remember the stations signing off at night, usually midnight with the national anthem.
Well, many years ago I played an early multi-user game called Air Warrior. When I got good, I took up the call sign of Black Knight. I frequently flew the P-51 Mustang. It's a good airplane, but only if you fly it right. After downing someone, I'd put up a "radio" (text) call of "Black Knight on a Silver Steed. Death was his Wingman". Beyond that, I confess; I'm a Monty Python fan. If you're not familiar with Python and the Holy Grail, find the "black knight" part on YouTube. :D I play chess occasionally, and just like the chess knight as an avatar better than the darker-looking "black knights" out there from fantasy artists.


Interesting stories upthread. Mine's pretty easy. My given first name is Wiley. As they say over on Satan's Favorite Anime Board, "pic related."


.270 WIN
Screen name is our last name, and the six in front is because my wife and I, (34 years together), had four boys. All of them are 6'4" or above, have wives/girlfriends, and kids. They hunt, fish, trap, hike, and camp up here in the Adirondacks. My pride and delight in the fact that we have held fast to our Christian values as well as the institution of the nuclear family, is the wellspring of my continued hope for our great nation. If I can do it, anybody can if they try hard enough and learn to prioritize and compromise.

My avatar picture is me walking out of the hospital on the day I learned I beat cancer. For the third time.

The hat I'm wearing in the picture is an Edinburgh skally cap bought for me by my wife before we even dated. We met in the dorm at Plattsburgh AFB. It was instant. But she was dating a jerk who talked her into a trip to Scotland. When they got back, she dumped him for me.

Being from Southie, it suits me, and is a constant reminder of our fierce love for each other. Yeah, yeah but...

What's in a name?
What's in a picture?

Everything, son. Everything.

Howdy yall! I'm Greg (ItalianAvalanche). I picked my name because I'm Italian and used to be a skier. Mostly though I've just been using it since I was 14 and so that's what I've got.

My avatar is my Mossberg 500 that I'm working on which convinced me to join this forum. I love the Mossberg, much more so than the 870, and I'm excited to make it my own with custom stuff.