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The mossbergs first take


.270 WIN
Went to do some scouting/hunting today and got to take a hog home. The pictures really don't do the size justice but I had to get it back while I had light.

A mini album

Got a late start since I was really scouting. No need to walk around in the dark.





Awesome. Congrats.

We need more details....give us the full story. :D
Thanks guys.

The story,

I was going around the place looking for places that had any signs of course most of the day. I was making my way back down the main road and pulled off into a small spot that I saw on the tree line that looked kind of open with tall grass. So I get out and look for a spot to squeeze through the trees and I end up in a clearing. The whole area had rutting through most of it and I saw a spot that looked fresh in the grass line about 25 yards away. The grass wasn't super dense but it was about waste high so I was on my toes. I get to the rut and start looking for tracks or trails to see the direction they left in. As I'm looking through the grass I see what I thought to be a couple of crows in the grass through a small bushy tree about 30 feet from me. This is typical here so I didn't think anything of it. I keep looking and I notice black to the left of it and it looked bigger so I didn't think it was a bird and BAM, I hear snorting! I slowing try to step to the right around the tree and it turns out that I was looking at the ear of the hog flapping while it was eating! Of course I spooked it because I was so close and them I hear about 3 or 4 of them scatter. So I sit and listen. There were two that went left and one went right. I sat and listened hoping that they wouldn't go far so I was listening to shrub noise to locate them. They seemed to stay within 30-40 yards so I slowing made my way to where I saw the one eating and looked for the trail. I sit and wait as I can hear them but I can't see them. To be honest I was a little worried because they were close and I was walking in tall grass. I thought for sure they were going to charge me..... Anyway, I get to the spot where it was eating and I'm looking. I hear them past so heavy shrub and in a clearing of more grass. I decided to wait before I moved because I was making a lot of noise in the grass of course. I'm looking and looking and bam, I see one through a thin spot in the grass about 30 yards away with its face in the mud. I flip the safety, throw the sights up, and bang, dropped in its tracks without a step! Shot it right in the neck from the top! Then about 5 of them scattered and they were huge! I didn't cycle my gun as I wasn't expecting to see others so I missed a shot at a second that ran across by the one I shot. Not a loss really as this one is a good size.

So that's the story. I will say that dragging this thing through the tall grass and up a hill about gave me a stroke lol.
Sounds like a good hunt. What kind of ammo did you use to bring down that bad boy?

I've heard some reports of wild pigs near one of my deer hunting areas but I've yet to see any. The DNRE claims is a growing problem here in MI as they have escapped from farms and are surviving in the wild. I've yet to talk to anyione yet that will admit to seeing them here. I hate to see an invasive species take over but I've always wanted to hunt them.
Nice hog. That thing is the perfect size for really tasty meat!

Congrats, man, on a successfut hunt.

I usually think, my 30-30 for hog hunting.
Love the idea of using my 500 for killing yet another species!

What kind of slugs were you using?
Thanks guys.

Funny that you say they're spreading because I was reading about it around other states. I guess Texas and Florida have had a serious growth. They're everywhere here and do a ridiculous amount of damage to property. Fun animal to hunt though and if you're on the ground stalking them, it can get pretty intense.

As far as ammo, I was using the Remington sluggers. 2 3/4, 1 ounce rated at 1560 fps. Love these rounds. I hit in the neck and it went through the shoulder and shatter the entire joint, completely gone with chips everywhere. I couldn't even salvage the meat from that shoulder either because it was just hamburger. They work well for me so I'm going to keep using them.
My uncle has a big spread in east TX. He's been growing/harvesting hay there for a few years and is building his retirement home on the property. The past year or so, the land has been absolutely overrun with ferral hogs, big suckers too. Been tearing up the crops and fence line. They multiply like rabbits and are unbelievably destructive. He's been trying to get me down there with a couple of my tools to help out with the problem...
Yeah, I'd really like to find someone with property to hunt them year round. We can hunt the wma's here in small game so I can hunt them until march at some places. There are some hunting clubs but they're pricey. They do some damage in the woods too. Most areas are 1-2 feet deep when they're done. It's insane the areas they cover as well.