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The Rant


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If you need to vent and it helps just to say something as out loud as you can in type, then do it here! ;) I understand, i really do...

Do me a favor though, keep it clean and dont allow frustration lead you to making any personal attacks.
remember , there are no stupid questions , only stupid people. I hate stupid people .....stupid sheep loving people......your right I feel better now, thanks Brad :D
I really hate when there are people on your crew at work you just cant motivate.

You lead by example, never asking subordinates to do anything you dont do yourself and youre right along side them for the toughest tasks.

You dont make demands of their performance right off the bat, but you ask, and politely, like "Hey, I could really use your help. Would you mind getting..." etc. When that doesnt work, you become firm and issue an order. "Take care of that, when youre done, go to there and do that."

Then they talk bad about you like youre a DB jerk or something.

How bout get off the dope and wake up long enough to do your flippin job!
Usually it’s a tossup between lack of initiative or too much entitlement, or any combination of the two.
Hahahahahaha! :lol: The Christmas cartoons! :lol:

We listen to Christmas music from haloween right through to new years! It SUX!
If my wife makes me sit through another Christmas cartoon....... I"M GONNA CRACK!
Ha Ha my wife says that about me...just finished up Charlie Brown
If i play one more match on Call of Duty black ops with a dang lang swithing cheater i swear to God I am breaking the game.

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"Break it! Break it!" Just Kiddin! Dont break it, send it to me! :D I dont have it yet!!!
Rossignol said:
"Break it! Break it!" Just Kiddin! Dont break it, send it to me! :D I dont have it yet!!!

Funny thing is I am darn good at the game. I average betwewn 15-30 kills a round without cheating. Except when I play against lag switchers then I only get about 8 kills or less per round.

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You know what chaps my ass... Stunt shitters... I'm at Safeway Supermarket today, go into the bathroom which is a single toilet room that locks. I lift the lid with my shoe, because you have to in this world, and somebody has sprayed down the entire underside of the seat, and all around the top rim like they were coating a truck bed with a spray on liner! Really? How do you even do that!

I mean I assume I've experienced every conceivable poop incident I'm going to in my 48 years, including 10 as primary caregiver to two kids. I've seen mid diaper change explosive squirts. But I have no idea how these people do this stuff!? You'd think it would have to raise enough ruckus that half the store would hear. What do their home bathrooms look like? Do they only poop outside the home because of their infernal fecal powers?
Holy crap blue you had me freakin crying! :lol: Stunt shitters! :lol:

I'm not kidding, I had to wait five minutes to calm down enough to type. I know exactly what you mean though. Was on a golf course in Amarillo a few months back playin a round with my Pop and his buddies. Went into one of the restrooms on the course and some talented individual had spray pooped the damn wall next to the toilet. I didn't know a turd could leave your body in aerosol. Can't even fathom the pressure it would take. I couldn't believe someone actually did that, but surprisingly it happens a lot.
:lol: :lol: :lol:

Thats some funny ... uhh, well you know.

I've worked in construction about 15 years. I've seen some weird stuff in portajohns rendering them useless for any one else.

That spray on stuff... Thats crazy.
I have a bit of a head cold.
Dang it blue, I just had a hacking laughing coughing fit and blew snot everywhere...
Rossignol said:
Hahahahahaha! :lol: The Christmas cartoons! :lol:

We listen to Christmas music from haloween right through to new years! It SUX!
Mix a little "wish you a metal christmas and headbanging new year" and "Twisted Christmas" into the mix.... you'll feel better
First workday off out of 17 days I should have had off, got called in for a couple of hours of troubleshooting and instrument tweaking. What the heck, I always need some extra money.

I was plenty wore out when I got there. I wasn't from sighting in the buck-sight with slugs but from shooting only 7 arrows on this Parker Extreme Ultra-lite 70 pound, 31 inch draw bow that did it to me. I might have shot 8 if I could have got it pulled through but I couldn't. I was shooting to low at 45 yards but did have excellent penetration.

I still need a little adjustment on the buck-sight and a little more suitable shooting position. Come on give an old man with aching joints a little break.

My cousin had called me last week and said some lady was wanting to lease our minerals. My measly little 4.5 acres of an undivided half section for about half the going rate for fair locations around here but all the recent activity around my place have been dry holes.

The girl calls and makes an appointment for last Thursday, rescheduling for Friday, calling on Friday late rescheduling for Saturday, not showing up, calling to schedule for Monday evening on Monday afternoon. I was getting a little short at this point. I figured she was leasing it to sell the lease to someone else. Well she finally comes by and me and my siblings all get together with her and a notary and do the deal. One the way out, I ask to whom she was selling the lease. She informed me, "Ya know that big old rig across the highway from where you turn down that road to go to your family farm? That's my rig and I'm going to drill on it and make us some money."

Well the lease money will just offset the lack of hours at work for the month and one of my brothers said his was a wash as well because one of his renters had just skipped out owing him for rent. A good well could make a big difference in retirement but I'm not holding my breath, just thankful that someone is willing to take a chance on drilling. Not worried about ruining the water there, it's all salt water else I would have moved there instead of buying this place.

Went to my brothers, ate, had a couple of mixers, back to the house to the better half and the dogs. My best and previously smartest dog has been getting jealous of her sister who we are dog setting till Christmas Eve, bit me hard. Brought a little blood. She was sorry, really sorry after I slapped her on the nose a few times.

On top of this it rained again and now my yard work is on hold for a few more days. North Korea's top dog is dead, markets fell along with metals and most other commodities, dollar a little stronger against what?

Just a typical day at the Kat Ranch. Is this a sigh of how the rest of the vacation will unfold?

Happy Holidays to you all and yours.
Well, after reading that I guess I'll go crawl back under my poopy covered rock and stop bitching... :oops:

My best to you NASA and nothing but good wishes going your way. And everyone else of course.
I just went back and was reading the Rant and Blue made me physically laugh out loud. Blue is someone I hope to meet someday.

Maybe some of you folks might want to get together for my End of the world Party. December 21st when I expect we will party like there is no tomorrow.

Went back to work Tuesday and got the word that they couldn't afford me anymore. They transfered me back to the main yard 80 miles from the house. Good thing, time starts and ends at home and I'm still driving their truck and burning their fuel.

I was bitching to them about having nothing to do. They did something about it. Got a raise too.

?? More guns, ammo and pay down the mortgage maybe. Restock the pantry and get ready for the party.

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