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The Rant

I think this buying free stuff for black folks is going to turn out to be a very popular idea. Not around here but some places.....

I guess it's very empowering to have people give you free things, because they're going to rename it at the end.
History of man is just a slide show of horrific acts perpetrated on one group by another. Man has developed great skill at inflicting emotional and physical pain on each other.

Sucks but it has happened, continues to happen and will continue to happen until the end of mankind.

The government has been paying reparations of sorts for years in the form of tax breaks, scholorships, grants, etc. to many groups.

Money cannot heal those wounds and those that keep screaming for it just want free stuff and a free ride. Those in office screaming for it just want to keep the vote.

Even if we paid it would people instantly be at peace and move on? I seriously doubt it.

Bottom line we could give everyone that wants it a million dollars and it will not be enough. It will never be enough...and thats why it will never happen.
Nothing is going to change the past.
Not all the money in the world and certainly not free Martinis in a yuppie bar in Portland.

Something could change the future however.

If black lives start mattering to black folks, and they quit the abandoning their own children to broken homes and poverty at an incredible and increasing level, the future could be much different.

But what we get is a wave of drug crazed murderous know-nothings, running around killing people and then screaming for reparations.

The one here on trial now apologized to our chief of police for all his murdering, but said that he just didn't like white people.

(Evidently some folks think that's a just cause.)

Then in court he screams about wanting reparations. And his attorney claims mental incapacity.

Mental incapacity due to self inflicted drug use should be dealt with on a little different basis I'm afraid.
When white folks had this kind of segregation, it was denounced; but when black folks want this kind of segregation they regard it as their right?

So I guess segregation is not really bad in itself.

It's only bad when it's practiced by white males.
I guess this self segregation is ok with the left. Harvard is now having a black students only graduation ceremony. I think it only perpetuates the bad and makes it worse. It also makes me think the left deep down doesn't want things fixed...what would they whine about? Where would Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton derive their income? When this stuff comes up the people doing it and the media need to swap words around and if it doesn't sound right then drop it.
So Roseanne has been cancelled...I don’t really care. I hadn’t watched it anyway. This has nothing to do with her ridiculous tweet either.

But I saw this article this morning and it’s the way they refer to right wing politics as almost a sickness or something like belonging to a cult I found so enraging.....I am so sick of these idiots branding those of us who stand on the right of things as the odd-fellows. Truly we represent traditional values, indeed the very mettle that formed our successful and God fearing nations.

This article being from the Washington Post and printed in our local paper this morning. Here’s the quote that got me...

“In setting up comedy premises about American families, the people who make television can’t go on forever pretending that half the country doesn’t exist as potential lead characters for fictional shows. Viewers were meant to be intrigued by that conservative pull on someone they loved — and by the idea that members of the Conner family (particularly Roseanne’s sister, Jackie, played by Laurie Metcalf) found Roseanne’s politics to be, at best, in error, and at worst, misguided.”

It’s like the author has no idea that he’s stating that “half the country” are in need of their (the left’s) understanding or something...it amazes me, the depth of their own self-righteousness. It’s staggering.

Here’s the article:

The Lure of the celebrity is going to cause a lot of trouble in this country.

Being addicted to a celebrity is the same as being addicted to a drug.

You quickly become unreasonable because of the burden you carry.

Right now Kim Kardashian is trying to get a pardon for some major league drug Smuggler, and because she's some kind of a celebrity people are actually taking this stuff seriously!

The woman is a virtueless, amateur sex worker whore who turned Pro when she made a profitable porno and became infamous.

Anybody who believes she knows anything about the law or prison reform is more deluded than she is.

And anyone who thinks that she has the right to determine these things based on her fabulous grasp of morality and ethics, should take a second thought. She'll turn on her own mother for a dollar.
Right now Kim Kardashian is trying to get a pardon for some major league drug Smuggler, and because she's some kind of a celebrity people are actually taking this stuff seriously!

While I forbid the watching of "Keeping up with the Kardassholians" on MY TVs (and I own them all ;)), I think Trumpy did well to pardon the drug granny. He is more intelligent than many libs believe or that he lets on... Looking at the BIG picture, this WILL make the KUWTW fans look more favorably on the President. And I agree with all the other pardons he has done or proposed. Even Blago...
Well mr. Trump thanked Kim Kardashian for her attention to the matter, so I guess even a broken clock is right twice a day.
I took a custom pen order to make some click styles using a g2 ink refill. So I made two pink ones and one bluish gold swirled. The guy balked when the price came up. $65 is cheap for something that only has 3 in existence. lets go over it this way, pen kit costs $14, these particular blanks are $10, (each) I have some honduras rosewood burls, and snakewood that is crazy expensive
My shop cost is about $30 to cover the expendables used, (sandpaper,glue,finish ect.), electricity and other such amenities I need, not to mention the kits used cannot be reused to make them back into a regular pen now. I had to modify them to make it work with the ink cartridge. So, that's $54 in a rough total. which makes me an $11 profit....pshaw.
go buy a efin bic pen douche.
So now I have 3 just collecting dust. Who the f is going to want a pen that only uses g2 ink?! lame...




I really like the way the blue one looks though. I may have to keep it....

America wasn't built on the corpses of natives and slaves. Not even modern "wage slaves".
This is a total misconception.

We trade our lives to create the Systems driving culture forth.

NOBODY ever had the goal to take the world of 1700 and turn it into the world of today. Lots of folks were planning otherwise, but THIS is what it became. It did so because of the systems created to improve things along the way. Good systems that make people happy.

Systems made our modern parts of the world sooooo good!

But with poor systems elsewhere, most men vary from poor to almost savage.
They will ACT, as we now see them at the gates. It is a wave searching for a shore to crash down upon.

So my question is WHO. Who will their action be directed by?
And against whom?

It will be directed by those who trade their lives, fortunes, sacred honor, & all that.
History has shown the path repeatedly.

And the evil will suffer all.
Cadd, you have a way with words my friend. Very nicely put.

It's ironic that all we hear these days is how the evil old white man needs to go, and yet look at the rest of the world. If it weren't for oil the middle east would be nothing. What has taken Africa so long to make any progress ? How about most of Central and South America ? America has prospered, most of Europe has prospered, and Russia, China, and India have all made great advances. The biggest obstacles Russia and China had to overcome seemed to be communism to move into the modern world. India has large modern cities, but a billion people live in squalor.

Sure, groups of people migrated to America over the past two hundred years. They did it because they could make a better life here even it meant doing menial jobs or manual labor. They worked hard, sometimes two or three jobs to make a better life for them and their families. They knew here they were free to pursue their dreams and enjoy liberties that existed no where else in the world.

I want my kids and grandkids to live in the greatest nation the world has ever known, not what used to be the greatest.
I remember right when this new myopic vision started: that America had become second-rate.
It was slipping downhill never to recover. No longer worthy of respect.

And the irony is that happened in 1969, when we were really at a historical peak in peaceful technology and production and happiness.

Then we gave up the fight in Vietnam. Dec 8, 1969. Nixon announced it would end.
He said we would do it with some kind of fake honor. Then we slowly walked out.
Like nobody would notice if it took 3 years.

The respect and position we lost has not really been recovered in the intervening 50 years.

(Mr. Trump appears to be possibly bringing some back.)
I'm looking at a photo of a fairly unattractive fellow on another forum, and it occurs to me that this is really an unattractive woman who has made herself into a guy.

But a fairly unattractive guy as well.

I gotta wonder what goes thru such a twisted soul to think that an ugly guy has it any better than an ugly girl.

When we deny what we are and call it acceptance we only fool ourselves, and the willing co-fools.

If you must have surgery, or even a butch haircut, to "become" who you are inside as a woman (or vice versa) surgery won't really fix nuthin for you.
This month has been shitty. both online and in real life. :nutkick:
I need things to start looking up.
Sorry to hear that Ripjack. It will pass. I hit a rough patch back to end and start this year. Try to fall back on the simple things in life. For me, a campfire and a few beers can do wonders.