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The Rant

Rip, a long winter can affect us in strange ways. Sometimes good, sometimes not so good. The summer usually picks me up. I like Mike's campfire and beer idea.
I'm looking at a photo of a fairly unattractive fellow on another forum, and it occurs to me that this is really an unattractive woman who has made herself into a guy.

But a fairly unattractive guy as well.

I gotta wonder what goes thru such a twisted soul to think that an ugly guy has it any better than an ugly girl.

When we deny what we are and call it acceptance we only fool ourselves, and the willing co-fools.

If you must have surgery, or even a butch haircut, to "become" who you are inside as a woman (or vice versa) surgery won't really fix nuthin for you.

Cadd, you have to stop going to those weirded websites, lol.
LOL, @meanstreak
Buddy, What were you thinking?
It's a forum for people who keep big fish and go fishing for fish to put in their big aquariums. They're no more strange normal than people I met on motorcycles.

Buck up Son. The best thing about the doldrums and injuries of life is that things are destined to improve. Unfortunately you are the guy that's gonna improve them. Or not. We don't always get even that choice, but every day is another chance.

Today . . .
I'm on the downhill side of a big project, and I am inclined to work like an idiot all weekend to try and finish it. I was dreading this at the start because of all the work, and now about the time and cost of it all. I'm raping my retirement savings to fix a house for people that will come later. I often feel that I should have just let it rot and bought a new boat.
Buck up Son. The best thing about the doldrums and injuries of life is that things are destined to improve. Unfortunately you are the guy that's gonna improve them. Or not. We don't always get even that choice, but every day is another chance.

Oh I am. But I just needed to type it out. as opposed to writing it out. this way, it gets out of my head, so I can make room for better things.
Some of you will remember that I posted about this three years ago, . . .

The shooting spree in Fresno, California on April 18, 2017 was a racially charged shooting spree in which three white men were killed. Kori Ali Muhammad was the perpetrator and was convicted of four murders and four attempted murders.

This was the fellow that told our police chief that he just didn’t like white people. He had killed a security guard the night before his rampage.

If this killer gets out of prison, it had better be in a box.
Since I was a little kid in 1959 they promised us 4 things I remember distinctly:

--The end of metal coins. (Too heavy, expensive and dirty!)

--Vending machines everywhere. (Kept the metal coins around...huh...Nobody saw that?)

--Free Public School on the TV for everyone. (no more winter hiking and desert bussing!)

--Flying cars that run on atomic energy. (And don't crash into a mushroom cloud of radioactive debris.)

Over 60 years they've had and what did we get?

-the pet rock

-new commemorative coins every week & cheap little zinc coins for eveyday.

-free 24/7/365 pornography

-speedmetal and rap "music"

Guys, I'm just getting too old to wait much longer. I'd planned a glorious career stealing vending machines with my flying car!

All the school kids would see it on TV. (Without any metal coins inside, they'd be light enough to fly around to my secret lair.)

Nobody would ever come there to find me due to the megawatt sound system playing continual, horrible, loud, rhythmic, angry, screaming and cursing, metal clashing and screeching and awful crazy beating drum noises late at light. I expected it to be very unpopular. So awful, you couldn't pay people to go there!

Then the world turned upside down and I was foiled.
Alright Cadd, no sun for you for three days. The heat and UV are getting to you. So, stay indoors and drink your favorite beverage. You must have something to do in the garage or in the house.
My son is headed off to college next week for his freshman year. Only freshman will live on campus so they can have 1 per dorm room. I joined a message board for the parents of the students but have yet to post anything. I know it's probably worse due to the Wuhan virus but the parents are crazier than a $hit house rat. They discuss and control every aspect of their kids life and worse yet, I don't think the kids mind. One mom was soliciting other parents for students that were local to her that her son could study and socialize with since he was going 100% online this semester. Really, making playdates for an 18 year old? A woman posted that she and two friends could be hired for maid service for students. My son and I had a good laugh over that one when I asked if he wanted his maid late morning so he could sleep in. One mom was very upset that her daughter's dorm was up on a hill and one of the farthest from the cafeteria...oh the humanity! Most listen in on the instructional webinars and then get the answers for the kids questions. We got a moderator notice that some parents tried to impersonate students and gain access to the students message board which is forbidden. I'm sure the messages will be worse next week when the freshmen arrive on campus and start calling home for answers. Helicopter parents are the worst.
When I went to college my parents just sent me a check every month. I did work during summers and some evenings, but that was for money I spent on my own cars and motorcycles etc.

Now you guys may find this difficult to believe, but my daughters both put themselves through college and graduated with honors, and they never asked me for a penny.

Not only did they both do this, they both did this while they were married with children.

Now they both have children in college.
How many idiots have built a Volkswagen buggy and put premade NAPA SAE brake lines on a DIN (German) car?
In the words of a famous Finnish Pressman: “We almost died!”
There are innies and outies. I have never mixed them.

Brake fluid was leaking into the floorboards, but the brakes did work the one time I used them.

Otherwise, every brake mod made by the builder was a joke.
I have replaced lines on a few cars. I've had enough trouble with leaking lines with the double flare on american cars cant imagine how bad it would be if there was a mixmash of parts/standards.