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The Rut


Deer Rifle Season opens in Nebraska this weekend just in time for the peak of the rut. Who's headed out to try to put some meat on the table this weekend? What are your techniques for hunting during peak rut?

We've had a little warmer than average fall in Nebraska this year which could change the game a bit. I'm not sure how, but I'm about to find out on Saturday morning. :D


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A couple years ago we had an unusually warm fall and rut, an altogether late winter. The rut patterns here havent been the totally the same since. I'm just not seeing the deer as much this time of year as we used to. Though I got my first one for the year about a month ago. I didnt use a Mossy, nope. I used a Chrysler.

Anyway, gun season doesnt start until the end of the month, and we're def goin out! No real technique. We check out the area ahead of time. I do sometimes stalk and track, look for places I know they return to, like water, I find frequently used paths and crossings and settle in. The time spent hunting, is to me at least as enjoyable as getting a deer, or turkey, or fox, or coyote, or birds... :)