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The Shaman of DC


.50 BMG
I assume that most of you have seen the latest videos of the capital on January 6.

In the videos, see our QAnon shaman walking around casually, with the police, while he’s carrying a flag ziptied to a spear of some sort.

If they were afraid of him, thought he was a rioter, or was under any arrest, the first thing they would’ve done is taken the spear.

Even if it was just a rubber spear on a stick, they would’ve taken away the stick.

The cops were not afraid of the guy because he was not a rioter. Look closely at the reactions of the officers and they seem to be amused by the whole business.

And as he walks through a crowd of half a dozen police with two others in tow, it becomes obvious that the capital is not under siege at this point, because these cops just stand around with their hands in their pockets.

It was clear to them, but the congress & media decided to make him a criminal. I hope he gets some restitution with this, because this was a railroad job if there ever was one.
Totally a conspiracy to make Trump look bad. Even the Video FOX shows only a few people coming in through the windows. Only a few folks were breaking windows out. Probably faked. The Shaman Probably wasn't even a real shaman. Totally made up by the woke media to make republicans look bad. You can totally trust Tucker Carlson and Fox.
There were people out of control. On both sides. He just wasn't one of them. IMO This was just some gung ho patriot on a larp. No more dangerous than your average Packer's fanatic.
My biggest take away so far is the push back from other "journalists." Fox just showed the videos and allowed the viewers to decide for themselves. Now you hear all the other networks saying how the videos were cherry picked. What people should be concerned with is all of the people held without bail before trial for years for non-violent alleged offenses. Hard to believe this is happening in the USA.
Network news showed the same bits of violence, that they cherry picked, over and over for two years now.
But they can't let up now. They'd have to come up with another silly theory.
We now have a government straight out of 1984. We have the ministry of truth, up is down and down is up. We have government agencies tasked with taking down anyone that dares speak out against the current admin. They are creating a new language, right speak, that fits their needs.

Today the CDC came out with the news that men can "chest feed".Not real men, perhaps a woman that identifies as a man. This is the same CDC that Dr. Fauni claims is science. Smoke and mirrors, voodoo, and witchcraft is more like it.

Our public schools are pushing all of this other world crap at our children. The result is seen every night on the news protesting this and that. They are triggered by God only knows what. They get up mad every morning, hate America, and want to destroy all that is good and right.

I hope enough American patriots decide to put an eNo to it while we can.
We now have a government straight out
of 1984 . . .

The fact that we can talk about this means that we’re not all quite there yet, but it’s not so for others. Being locked up four years for a minor trespassing crime is pretty bad.

But did you hear our shaman’s official comments, as published on the MSM, right after he was paroled?

They could’ve put that in a modern version of A Clockwork Orange.
I don't think any of it is unlike anything we've been witnessing happen for well over a decade now. Society at-large is becoming de-sensitized by the constant media bombardment and our reactions slowed to the incremental increase of governmental interference at every level in our day to day lives.

Most of us here recognize it because we've seen it all before...when we gun owners were virtually the only target of media disinformation aimed at the common folks. There's always been tons of disinformation being foisted by the media to cover the tracks of politicians on the take and the malfeasance of large corporations. But, what we've seen happen over the recent past is a campaign to BS and brainwash the masses with respect to the basics of our own beliefs and cultural heritage. This has become a very ugly, culture war and we are losing or so it would appear. It's really hard to tell when most of the media is involved in waging a war against the values and traditions we hold dear.

Remember when we heard what happened in Katrina's aftermath? The military disarming civilians just protecting their own property? That was hard to wrap our heads around, yet it happened and nothing came of it. Meaning there was nothing done about it. On a lesser scale, in 2013 the RCMP kicking in doors after the major flood stricken town of High River, Alberta was evacuated and specifically going around to homes that they knew had firearms "to secure them". Even though the RCMP and CAF were on the scene and the town was absolutely locked down. Nothing came of that one either. The few of us that wrote letters and kicked up a fuss were poo-pooed as malcontents and miscreants.

The very same tactics are being employed today only on a scale we wouldn't be able to comprehend in 2005 or even 2013.
I think that culture & society is like a rubber band.

People will stretch at it a long time.
Eventually it will snap back. Hard.
I generally believe that too Cadd.

It seems society does swing from one extreme to the another. I do wonder though...just how many times can we do that? When it snaps back hard...how hard is too hard before the fabric of our society is torn irreparably? I dunno. Just some thoughts to keep you awake at night...lol