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'Thou shalt not dry-fire a rimfire weapon'....so why doesn't the manual say so?


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I know the old rule and I intend to observe it, but I went through the owners material that came with the Rossi RS22 - AKA Plinkster 702 -- and no where does it say not to pull the trigger on an empty chamber. I just found that....odd. Maybe they just assume that everyone knows that it's a no-no. I was going to invest in a snap-cap like product until I saw something about using a certain size plastic drywall anchor. Interesting, and about 1/50th the cost. :) I just want to see how the trigger is before I take the rifle out to run some rounds through it.
...until I saw something about using a certain size plastic drywall anchor.
I keep the yellow anchors WITH all of my rimfires in the case or "extras" bag (wrenches for optics, extra battery, etc.)

My Sig P322 is touted as being "dry-fire-able" but I still use an insert. They can also be used in a mag to practice manual of arms--load mag, chamber an insert, dry-fire, rack slide or bolt and insert ejects briskly across the room and usually gets lost! :D Imagine that with an "expensive" snap-cap... :(
Years ago when rifles were actually "fitted" vice as they are today, "assembled", the firing pins were installed so the was adequate clearance between the pin and the breech face. I'm not sure anyone does true fitting anymore, especially on less costly rifles.

IMO that's the only way you can assure that the firing pin doesn't strike the face. If it's really an issue you could use a piece of plastigage to measure the clearance.

The other issue is the hardness of the firing pin which varys from manufacture to manufacture. An intirvertant strike can damage the firing pin or damage the breech. Firing pins should be inspected periodically for wear.

One caution when using "plastic" snapcaps or anchors is that small pieces tend to break off and get lodged in all the most obscure places.

As cheap as .22 cal ammo is these days I'm not sure the worth of dry fire.

Good luck with the new rifle Kevin. Good looking weapon.