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Took the 535 out this morning...

Discussion in 'Mossberg 535 ATS Pump Action' started by Scrumbag, Sep 15, 2022.

  1. Scrumbag

    Scrumbag Lurker

    And got a Canada goose and a Mallard for 7 shots (3 were on a duck should not have shot at due to rubbish mount)

    Duck shells were 42g 3.5" Gamebore Mamouth No.3 and the goose was 42gr Winchester Blindside No.1

    Interestingly a fired Mamouth is a fair bit longer than a Blindside and is really long for the 535s action.

    Good to be out on the marsh!

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  2. CaddmannQ

    CaddmannQ Lurker

    I live in between four different ponds habited by these honkers, but nobody can shoot it them here.

    You have to go far out into the valley.

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