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Took the 935 to a block shoot....


I just got back from my first block shoot and I took the 935 with the Buck Kicker extra full choke and did well.


I ended up winning the first round of the first shoot I have ever entered! They supplied the ammo which was estate 2 3/4'' 1 1/8oz #7 and the 935 shot and spit it out very well. We were shooting I would say 30 yards at these little paper squares.

I had a ball and will be looking for more of these shoots in the future.


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Man that's awesome, I would love to do something like that! The VFW near here does turkey shoots from time to time but its seasonal.

When's the next shoot?


I think they are doing another in the fall but if your in the loop I hear you can hit a shoot every weekend. These things aren't advertised so it seems you need to be in the loop to hear the word of mouth about the next one. I do see hand painted signs from time to time along back roads advertising block shoots. I will have to pay more attention to them from now on.

I was surprised to see so many custom stainless barrels on shotguns, I never knew they made them for shotguns. There was even an Olympic shooter there which was neat to see.

EDIT..... This block shoot took place a handful of miles from where I grew up and where my parents still live. I stopped in to show Dad the cards or blocks I shot since over the years we have talked about entering a shoot but never did.

I told him where the shoot was held and he said ''they must have just started that since I have never heard of them doing one'' well it turns out they have been putting on this shoot for 30 years!
Talk about word not spreading!

Anyway, now he wants to go to the next one we find....lol
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Down here in the Deep South I haven't heard them called "block shoots" as much as I have heard them called "Turkey Shoots". Probably all the same.

Congrats on winning one!!! What was the payoff for winning??????????


The way they did it was they had rounds, as many rounds as they had shooters for. I just happened to win the first round which was about 30 people.

Each round was split 60/40 with the fire house so I got $54 for round one. Then at the end they had a winners shoot off. All the winner of the different rounds went at it for I suppose the same 60/40 split. This round was $5 a shot and you could buy as many shots as you liked. The winner of that took $210.


I just got back home from my second ever block shoot and the 935 did not let me down.

I won round 3 this time and took home a nice little gas grill that I won in one of the raffles. If this keeps up in another 12 wins these block shoots will have paid for my 935....lol

I used my Truglo Gobble Stopper (thanks Rossignol) choke this time and it did well.
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