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^^^TOP SHOT^^^ Season #4

SHOOTER13 said:
I myself thought it was the best show in the series so far...the rappeling and shooting from the tower , the weapons themselves, and the courses of fire were amazing !!

I will concur. I love it when their challenges are interactive. I liked seeing the Chainsaw in action and the FN FiveSeven is just a damn cool gun.

I was wondering if anyone was going to blow one of the breaches. I saw it coming as soon as he lined it up, he was too far above the lock.

Looks like next weeks memory challenge is right out of "Survivor" though.
I was glad I got to see the chainsaw in action. Kinda looked like a solution, searching for a problem, when I'd seen it before. Don't think I'll soon be in the market for one. ;) I was intrigued by the FN Five Seven. Is ammunition for that thing fairly easy to come by? Take care. Tom Worthington.

"Have Machine Gun Will Travel"

Premier Date: 4/24/2012


Armed with a belt fed Browning 1919 machine gun mounted on an authentic
World War II half track, shooters blast their way through an explosive individual challenge.
After coming up short, two competitors are selected to compete for the right to
stay in the game. An unconventional elimination challenge tests marksmanship,
strength and memorization.

Only one will have what it takes to land the last spot in the final four.


The First Individual Challenge involves while riding in an M2A1 halftrack, fire at 15 targets
from 25-100 feet. Target sizes range from 12" to 25"; maximum 100 rounds per player.
The two highest numbers of hits in one pass along the course are safe.

LOSERS: Chris/Augie/Kyle


The Nomination picks for the Elimination challenge are: Augie & Kyle


The Elimination Challenge involves the shooters memorizing 10 objects in a box, then cross a 20-foot rope and fire at separate racks of 30 objects. Correct and incorrect hits award and deduct one point each, respectively. Shooters may return to their boxes as needed. Higher score after 1 minute and 15 seconds wins.

Winner: Augie


Browning M1919




Please do not post in this thread until after the show airs on Tuesday, April 24,2012 @ 11pm EST.

Thank you !!
So...what did everyone think about tonights episode #11...?!

The challenges...

The weapons used...

The winning and losing competitors...
I thought tonights showdown was one of the best episodes as far as the first challenge...

The M2a1 Half Track with a Browning M1919 mounted on top was awesome...and of all the things that Top Shot put the contestants through, including the rappeling tower...I would have liked to have done that the most...
Well, next week is the Season Four Finale...and the final four look like this:





The order above is how I think the contest will play out...

Tell me what you think the field will look like...the winner, and the order of the final three...

I was surprised Kyle had such a mental breakdown. I thought he had the best plan going into the elimination challenge.

The Browning M1919 on the Half Track looked like a ball! I could imagine it would have been very easy to blast through 100 rounds in a heartbeat, but it would be fun! :D
The half track looked like an awesome challenge.

The elimination challenge: I liked the gun but the challenge itself....meh.

As far as the final four. I would have liked to see Kyle in it and Greg gone but it is what it is. It's their challenge to win or lose.

As far as the finishing order I kind of agree with Shooter13. I think Augie is probably the most skilled remaining. Chris and Gary are kind of a tie for me and Greg will probably finish last.

Personally I think everyone but Greg has earned their spot to be there. Greg has just gotten lucky when he needed to.

We'll see, this show is full of upsets and it's still anybody's game.

Looking forward to the finale

"The Ultimate Prize"

Premier Date: 5/01/2012


From the Kentucky Flintlock Pistol to Crossbows and Grenade launchers--an epic assortment of weapons are featured. Four marksmen gear up to blast their way through the home stretch with hopes of becoming History's next Top Shot. After a series of elimination challenges, only two competitors enter the final showdown which comes down to the very last second.


The First Elimination Challenge involves two shooters at a time firing at 12 double-sided targets from 50 feet, trying to flip as many as possible to their assigned color. The winners of the first-round matches advance; the losers ply a third match, with the loser of this one being eliminated. Ties are broken with a rematch.

WINNERS: Chris & Gregory

LOSER: Augie

The Second Elimination challenge involves two rounds being played, with every shooter picking one weapon, target, distance, and shooting stance at each. All three shooters try each shot; no weapon or target may be used more than once. The lowest number of hits is eliminated. Targets include jars, bowls, bottles, and mugs.

WINNERS: Gregory & Chris



The Final Challenge involves running a course with 7 shooting stations:

1. Hit 2 jugs at 25 feet with the flintlock.

2. Fire the Henry to knock down two 3-part targets at 50 feet.

3. Using the Webley, hit 9 jars in a moving rack from 35 feet.

4. Hit two rows of 6 targets each with the Colt. One row contains 10" targets, the other 8"; all targets in a row must be shot without a miss to close it out.

5. Hit 3 targets on a rotating wheel at 25 yards with the BowTech.

6. From the prone position, shoot 2 targets at 125/150 yards with the BAR.

7. Use the Milkor to hit 2 targets at 50/75 yards.

First to complete all stations wins.




Every weapon system used this season...

So...what did everyone think about tonights Season IV Finale ...?!

The two elimination challenges...

The final competition...

The weapons used...

The losing competitors...

And finally....Season IV's TOP SHOT : Chris Cheng
I haven't been keeping up with this thread but I've watched the show religiously.... I really disliked Greg the whole time and didn't want him to win, however he turned out to be alright. I just felt like he was lucky a lot of the time. I was super excited at the final outcome! :)

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I just caught it. I was bummed to see my two top picks eliminated first off. But it was a good episode.

I was getting worried at the second challenge that no one was going to get any points. LOL

I have not liked Greg throughout most of the competition but I have to give him props he did well in the finale and I really though he had it there for a minute. The variety of shots rolled into that last challenge makes it hard for any one person to pull ahead but I was still surprised that it was that close.

Can't wait til the next one.