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Troubling video

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I keep my concealed carry license next to my DL. pull em both at the same time. never an issue.
Yeah, the officer was in the wrong, but there is always something the other guy could have done better.


a local Cop's tirade toward a CCW license holder...

This video went viral a few days back while I was on vacation. I first heard about the incident from my CCW class instructor on July 16th, the event occured in June.
Please watch this dash-cam video with enhanced audio.

WARNING: The video contains graphic language on the cop's part, but I feel it is very important for everyone to see this.


This incident is spurring the movement to have the "Notification Law" removed or rewritten from Ohio Revised Code.

EDIT: Did I mention I'm a Canton resident? :eek:
As if this wasn't enough, our City Council President threw in his .02 during a councilman's meeting earlier this week. He basically said the problem is due to the "arming or our citizens" and complained about the amount of e-mails he recieved regarding the incident.
Ohians For Concealed Carry has called for both his (Allen Shulman) and the officer's (Daniel Harless) resignations.