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US Springfield


.270 WIN
Want to see if I can upload a pic.?
20151111_100308.jpg20151111_100308.jpg 20151111_100438.jpg 20151111_100308.jpg 20151111_100438.jpg 20151111_100338.jpg

This is a 1898 US Springfield 30-40 Krag .that some wood Chuck had drilled and taped for a scope. So it won't be worth anything to a collector.
So I wanted to due something to keep it military looking , an I found this hydrographics pattern. That is a great tribute To all our us service men.
Every time I hold This rifle I find another image that I didn't see before.
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Thanks for sharing. That is a very unique pattern for sure.


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That is one very kewl rifle. I like the stock. Was the barreled action refinished? It sure looks good.


.270 WIN
Yes the rifle was refinished,
If I could have put it back to original , I would have.
But it wouldn't be of any value
To anyone, with the drilling for the scope. So I figured I can't screw it up any more, 20151111_100401.jpg
P.s. Iam very happy with it, it's a great shooter . hope to take a deer with it this fall.


.270 WIN
Yup, the old prop plane, the helicopter with the warrior's jumping out. The rows and rows
Of white cross's like in Arlington cemetery , the faces of soldier's.
Soldier's sitting down holding there weapon with there head down. I look at it, and it get's to me at times.
Thanks for the reply.


Every time I hold This rifle I find another image that I didn't see before.

Bigfoot? (in the woods) ;)

I like the pattern--came out good! Don't worry about collector value, just shoot it! I have a P1917 that the rear sight has been milled off of and scope side-mounted like yours. Factory stock has been replaced with a Monte Carlo "kit" stock. It is still a great shooter with a beautiful bore.


.270 WIN
This rifle came from Kealakekua
HI. Of all places to get a krag.
This shoots very well. Really likes the Remington 180 gr.
Factory loads.