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Using Shorty Shells w/Maverick 88


I've got one and it works just like it supposed to. I like the minishells, more capacity, less kick what's not to like :)


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It didn't work well for me but it solved the problem for many others.

The shells fed ok but still caught in the lifter on my gun. Not sure it was the fault if the device.

I have since unstalled a different solution but have not had the opportunity to test it.
Original post is from almost 2 years ago!

My problem with the mini shells, is the non existent availability of them.
I think I have seen them for sale locally once in the past several years.
I would like to try some, but they seem so rare, I just stick to standard shells.


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I've seen some 12-ga 00 Buck mini shells available recently, but they were over $3.00 per shell

No thanks

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I'm sure for those inclined, trimming and loading some short shells would be pretty straight forward and wouldn't cost any more to load than any other shell.

You'd just need to use a thick nitro card wad than a regular plastic wad and stack your load on top of it instead.

Or if you don't want to load over the nitro card, perhaps cutting and trimming whatever plastic wad shot cup you are using would work if you feel that you just absolutely must use a plastic wad but that isn't necessary.

If you are loading any kind of shot, you would need an overshot card if you are roll crimping. Whether bird or buck. I personally like the clear overshot cards that ballisticproducts sells for that.

Just thinking out loud here.