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Waterfowl Barrel for 935?

Allen Rhodes

Copper BB
I have a 935 tactical model which I use with buckshot for feral hogs but am interested in a barrel to use for ducks, pheasants, etc. Any idea where I might get one that matches the matte black finish? All I've found on-line are camo models.


Rest in Peace
If you cannot find one buy a camo barrel and spray it Flat black with Krylon. I hunt with my 500, Ducks, Pheasants mostly. I did a sponge paint camo on the gun with Krylon and it has held up real well for a few years now.
This is also my go to Skeet gun every weekend after Trap season. So this gun sees LOTS OF USE and it still looks great.
At least this gives you an option if you can't find one or even if a used camo barrel is cheaper. Think Krylon!