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"We're gonna start comin' to the suburbs"


.50 BMG
I've seen a lot of talk online about attacking suburbia, but our suburbs are well armed.

Rodeo and the shooting sports are quite popular here, and lots of cowboy action shooting.

Anyhow, we have a reputation we don't quite deserve, but it serves.

Now I wasn't expecting trouble, but I was cautious enough to drag out the 500 Mossberg, the Ruger pistol, and the mini-magnum wheelgun. Umm, and the XDs9 too. I don't usually have so many put out and loaded. There is nowhere I can shoot even 50 yards from my house. 30 max from the front. Too many trees, cars, and houses. No need for the .308 , and no .44 mag
or even the .223.

I'm on a dead end street, & there'd also be a guantlet of folks before the action gets to me. Except for one old lady and the fire capt next door, I'm the last man on the street.


I don't think one has to be a prepper to be wary right now. We should all be paying attention closely to what is going on.

Water Monkey

The man, the myth, the monkey
Well it's starting to get kinda sporty here on Long Island, NY.

Out west near the City protests are starting out and it blocked a major highway and a major parkway last night. No looting or destruction so far. Hope it keeps that way. But the protest organizations are working their way throughout the island now.

As far as firearms and ammo. Due to the mass buying in 2013 as well as the NYS SAFE Act of 2014 I'm good as I learned my lesson very quickly. I've been telling people to buy while prices were epic low the past couple of years. Nobody listened. Now everyone is like how can I get.... I'm like you're gonna have to pay a premium now if you can find what you want. Was able to help one of my Martial Arts student find a Ruger PC Carbine 9mm NYS Compliant in Cali through gun broker. My Sister-in-Law wants a gun I told her to find a Maverick 88 in 20g which would run her about $300-$400 if she can find it. I doubt she will. This isn't the first time she's asked questions and never followed through.

Waiting on the skeet fields to open up again. I hear one is opening up this weekend so I'm hoping that one that's literally 5 min away from me does the same soon.


WM, I know you stay abreast of happenings in your area. Hope all is going well for ya.

I have friends and family in Nebraska, in and around Omaha. I have been hearing from them the same things I in seeing in Tulsa. Guns and ammo in short supply. I can't even imagine how states like New York and California are faring.

I hope this passes soon.