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What I think is a fact of life

Yeah, they have been using up the "divide and conquer card" until it no longer means anything to anyone.
This is Darius, co worker of 5 years and good friend (he is the one Holly bit on the but) this was the brickyard 400 about 3 yrs ago. He turned away from being a gang member about 10 yrs ago when he found the Lord. He and his mother will tell you they hate nothing more than a "N"(that's what they have both have said!!) Less a few tats that is me and him I trust him like a brother,IMG_20190908_132155278.jpg if his mom is behind me and someone wants to harm her they will have to kill me and he will do the same if my wife is standing behind him and I have NO DOUBT about that! Heck he bought me my MAGA had at the last NRA meeting in Indy. And yes he got some funny looks at first but before ya knew it the back of my car was the party place before the race. And yes I was 4 PBR'S and a pint of Jim Beam deep so I was 3/4 loaded before we even went in, and he downed some also, but only had water and soda's during the race so all sober when we left.
And most of the population gets along much better than the MSM would like us to believe.

We are always stronger in larger groups. The constant dividing and grouping of Americans by politicians to suit their political needs is deliberate weakening us as a whole.

We all have much more in common than not but were constantly being trained to only see our differences and disparities.