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What song are you listening to right now

RayRay said:
And one more... Killswitch!


i love this song....
i have a couple of good ones i forgot about....

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i like the combination here this guys does of scream/singing....but not overboard on the screaming part....
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On my iPod right now

Podcasts: Rush Limbaugh, Proarms podcast, Handgun Podcast, Gun Nuts Radio, Gunfighter Cast, Imprimis (from Hillsdale College)

music: various songs from Rush, Asia, Kansas, Yes, Billy Joel, Foreigner, AD...(what can I say; I'm a child of the 80's!) Also have some Caedmon's Call, all 3 Lord of the Rings soundtracks, Star Wars & Apollo 13 soundtracks, Paul Potts and some Beethoven
Lord of the rings sound track...interesting, i think I might like the sound of that. Checking it out now...
My Darkest Days with special guests...zakk wylde, ludacris, chad kroeger...great song...

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remakes are ok, i guess...depends on who it is, and how they did it. these guys nailed it. great crunchy rock!!!

five finger death punch
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RipJack, I agree on that one, I really like it!!!

Heres another "One" I have on my mp3! ;)

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