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What's going on with the Canadian Convoy?

I'm a little behind on current events, can someone explain what's going on with Trudeau?

Trudope is, was and will always be an (insert derogatory description here) . He mandated truckers get vaccinated or something like that and they are not happy about it. So they "protested" by driving en masse to the Capital of Canuckistan. Trudy has been hiding in his basement ala Bidet.
Yesterday, at the Coutts / Sweetgrass border crossing a number of local farmers joined the protest by driving their tractors and equipment around a police road blockade. These are the big tractors that farm thousand of acres and many were pulling equipment. Apparently the locals in Coutts have opened their town to the truckers and some are providing food, fuel and shelter. There are some news feeds that are telling the truth about these protests and showing the happenings.

This is a feed from yesterday afternoon which shows the real situation in Coutts vice what the MSM and governemnt is putting out.

It's really funny when the rule of law gets turned on its head and those that think they're the ruling class are reminded that they're not in control as much as they thought.
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Also saw this on another forum. Obviously, I cannot confirm, but was interesting nonetheless.

Two Royal Canadian Air Force Challenger jets leaving Ottawa this morning. Wonder who's on them?

Run Justin Turd-o, run!!!

Breaking - Canadian farmers and truckers have shut down the border in Sarnia which is between Michigan and Toronto.

There's a lot of pissed off people up here and has been for a long time. This pre-dates Trudeau by decades but he's made it so much worse. I think people have just had enough. Enough tongue lashings and constant disain from that pissant have just put people over the edge.

In Canada, our system gives too much power to politicians and bureaucrats without enough checks and balances.

The RCMP being one of the worst examples of bureacracy run amok. A toxic mess, they are well past their "best before" date...the funk from the rot within is about unbearable.

We have seen more rule by individuals and small committees in the last 2 years than in generations past. It is also well past the time for those undemocratic, emergency powers to be laid down and given back to the electorate.

I should add that the media bear a large part of responsibility for things going this far. They have constantly villified conservative views as racism, bigotry and misogyny and have stifled open and free debate by taking sides rather than remaining neutral as they should. They have consistently for decades, taken away the voices of a very large and PRODUCTIVE part of the citizenry who are usually too damn busy to bother protesting anything.
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Yes. Sounds like you're saying what the rest of the world is echoing simultaneously.