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What's the minimum size land for hunting??

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What's the minimum size land for hunting??

I'm going to say 2 blades of grass, a twig and a small stone is plenty large enough to start hunting on.

All jokes aside, the majority of the hunting I do is on about 3 acres. And out of that, there is about an acre that has always proven to be my honey hole.

Of course, that's on private property and the adjoining property is a rather large animal wildlife preserve, but I seem to get plenty of animals coming in and out of there through a shallow valley that goes through the back corner of our property.

Since April, there have been over 700 trail camera photo's taken in just the one spot. So, I don't think you have to own the Ponderosa to be able to hunt and enjoy yourself on it.


Congrats to GLG2...Land Baron !!

Now, start planting a bait plot, put in a few salt licks, and by all means a few trail cameras to see what feeding on your property...Also, check out the neighbors...a good raporte' with them will also let them know what you plan on using the grounds for...and if you get their phone number, you can always let them know when the lead is going to be flying...keeping them from strolling their grounds when you hunt, as well as saving law enforcement a trip if they should hear shooting. ( believe me, I know! )

Good luck...and happy hunting !! ( pics to follow, of course ;) )


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Texas, you can't shoot across roads or property fences unless you own the other property or have permission. Other than that, I have not seen anything that restricts or is a requirement for the size of the area to be hunted. Some other states have restrictions of what kind or gun or size of ammo you can use. Texas, no rim fire ammo for hunting game and open season all year long on farrow hogs but you have to have a license to hunt. As of the first of this month you can hunt hogs, and predator animals from a helicopter. That will not be me, cause I'm a poor boy. That will be me on the river bottom and in the brush hunting them there wild hogs. :D

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oklahoma, you can hunt your own property without a license.... :mrgreen: :D

now the whole getting caught off your property (like going from your hunt property to your house) with the game brings up other questions.


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I'll throw in my 2 cents here. I have 8 acres in the rural TX hill country that is almost square: this relates to about 600 ft per side. I put out corn and water, and the deer come every day, especially with the historic drought we are now experiencing.
I decided on a 175 lb crossbow w/ 4X scope for two reasons: 1) I considered range, and the crossbow is much less than a deer rifle such as a 30.06, and 2) archery season starts a month before the regular season. I found that 'harvesting' a deer in the archery season was more profitable because the bucks, and many doe, will melt into the woods when they start hearing the guns going off. Another merit of using archery to take a deer is the hit is much more quiet in that it doesn't 'explode' the innerds and run the chance of adrenaline surging through the system and affecting the meat due to the animal bolting. The last 8-point I got jumped straight up in the air about a foot like a bee stung him, just walked about 30 yds and laid down.
I also got on google and looked at the aerial map and set two narrow kill zones that have no other structures within probably a mile (yes, I pay attention to shooting across propery lines too) - one of the zones is where the corn is.


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Good size deer? I can't tell from the pic. Have oh kept track of how many of them there are? Or is there just too many? Which in that case, nice.


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ripjack13 said:
Good size deer? I can't tell from the pic. Have oh kept track of how many of them there are? Or is there just too many? Which in that case, nice.

He was probably 100 lbs, I can only guess since I lifted him up in the pickup bed and that's what I thought at the time. I got about 55 lbs of meat so he would be considered at least an average to maybe a little above average. The deer here are pretty small compared to northern states, and we have no mule deer in this part of TX. There are two 10-point bucks that come around and I estimate them to be 150 lbs at least with a rack more than a foot tall and 2 feet across each and probably at least 5 year olds - I have seen them 3 years now but never during the regular season (I did see one of them last year but couldn't get a shot).
I usually have a half-dozen around the corn in morning and evening (I feed all year) - I have seen eight at one time, and out in my wooded area I have counted 13 grazing like buffalo. I recognize some of them by markings on the body, or the rack if they are bucks, but I can't identify all of them right off. I do try to select a couple before the season that are not still with fawns (some still are this year, although the twins I see routinely with their mom are growing some and will be on their own in a couple of months I reckon). I'm not interested in the rack as I shoot for the meat only, so I go with size and refrain from does unless they appear to lack size or genes - in other words, I am selective and keep in mind breeding and stock enhancement (I'll take a spike for sure).
We can take 5 total for the season but I usually take one or two a year, bucks first if I can, or a doe maybe if it's late in the season and I haven't scored.
Nice buck! We have yet made it to the property. Sad, I know. It's been too hot and without anywhere for our kids to go its pretty much impossible. We cant wait though. Trying to plan a trip to get out there. :)