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Why I carry several different guns...


Average Guy
... from a handgun to a PCC to an AR to an M1A.

I wish I could also carry a flame thrower, an M79, plus something belt fed, and that mini-gun we saw in PREDATOR.

"Officer, why do you have four guns?"

"Because five starts to get pretty heavy."

If I were the scene OIC it would have been The Charge of the Light Brigade on his ass.


Holy freaking sheet!!

The guys remained pretty calm for facing a FA with no hard cover....but what choice did they have.

And people wonder why many LEOs are so defensive all the time.

I sure hope the officer that got hit recovered OK as well as any one else downrange of that firestorm.

I assume they announced before breaching the door, but even if you thought you were being home invaded for that split second, you would stop shooting.

Either this was a really bad guy or someone mentally unstable. I'm guessing the later but either way it probably did not end well for them.
I saw that video last week. It is a really harrowing situation for sure.
At least the good guys recovered. I had hoped that the shooter died a slow and agonizing death but he committed suicide. He did have shotgun wounds to the face and arm so at least there is that.
I cannot for the life of me understand people. The few times I have had to interact with police I have never been treated disrespectful. I treat them with respect and that is the way they have always treated me. Granted, it has mostly been traffic stops.

I certainly appreciate the job they do. Every encounter they have could be bad, and they don't know who or when. Every officer involved shooting I have read about or saw on the news could have been avoided if the civilian would have complied.

It was sickening the way law enforcement was treated the 8 years before Trump. I think that will take a long time to overcome.