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Hi guys, squealing with delight like a child, expecting my order tomorrow of a new member to my guns, Winchester .22 model 1903 circa 1930 paid £135 Inc delivery, quite a rare gun over here


Looking forward to the pictures as well as the range report.

BTW: Curious how much is L135 in US Dollars...?
135 British pounds =$163.94
The Winchester isn,t arriving till tomorrow 9th or Friday 10th due to a later shipping, actually I don,t use a shooting range, I shoot targets in the field at various lengths of yardage but never the less I will be posting the grouping, I,ve tried numerous times to post pics of my guns but this damn phone will not send them

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Congratulations on the find.

I enjoy seeing the old Winchester and Marlins.


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This is going to turn into a very fascinating thread. Congrats on the rifle, and hope you can help us along with history and photos and range results.
I will certainly keep trying to send photos but the only access I have to the internet is my phone and as I mentioned before I,m struggling to send the photos


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Have you tried to post a reduced size photo?

To take one, you can put your camera setting on the lowest resolution. Then as you are taking a photo zoom in about 2x and click!

Basically I have to do that or crop the photos in order to get them small enough to post here.

This site accepts a one megabyte photo or smaller. By default my phone takes about a 12 megabyte photograph, and even on the lowest setting it's over 3 megabytes unless you crop, so I have to do all of the above.
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Hi guys, received my Winchester model 1903 last week, unfortunately I had to take it back to the gunshop for a little while, in the UK if you have more than one .22 on your licence you have to fill in a variation form and the process can take up to four weeks, so got to wait a little while longer, it slipped my mind plus the gunshop should have known better really


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