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With tears in my eyes!

Discussion in 'Photo And Video Gallery' started by TheRude1, Dec 2, 2021.

  1. TheRude1

    TheRude1 Lurker

    No on the harvest, honestly it never crossed my mind. And no he never made any aggressive moves at me(He knows who the Alpha is).
    And he has just been his happy little self sense.
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  2. Eddie Stewart

    Eddie Stewart Lurker

    We have had our new boy for a year and he has the same temperament as you describe. I had the same concern about ours being protective. My wife came home the other day, the front door was open and she was quiet and whispered his name through the door and he went berserk. If it had been a stranger I think he would have tried to eat them.
    I believe your guy will be the same if someone came to your door unexpected by him.
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