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Apparently I have done something wrong by listing this wo having 30+ posts but the moderators are allowing it. You can have the package for $5.00 by sending payment to Pete Marziliano, PO Box 826, Clayton, Ga 30525. Please include your mailing address.
Thanks, Pete
Thanks for allowing me to join. Have a 12ga. 500at with serial # G268xxx. Any idea how old it is?
Hello from Houston, TX. New to this forum. Have a Mossberg Maverick 88 in 12 gage, which I very much enjoy.
I thought I posted last Friday (1 Oct 21), but can't find it. Started out talking about my 185D-B, which I got for XMAS 1955.
WM, how ya been doing ? Hope that new job is all ya hoped for.
Water Monkey
Water Monkey
Hey. Doing well. Moved into my new home 2 weeks ago. Still unpacking. New job settling in. It’s as crazy as my Last job. Gonna start looking for gun clubs soon. Just been busy with the house. How are you?
When I got to the last shot the trigger did not work. I pulled the trigger again and it fired. I did not re-rack the gun.
I have a problem with my new Shockwave 590. I shot about 60 2.75" 00 buck cartridges with no problem. Then used Noble Sport Italia #8
Hello sir I was wandering how to correct the spelling of my screen name i messed up don't know how to fix it.thanks