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190KB Shell Ejection Question

Discussion in 'Firearm Maintenance, Safety And Troubleshooting' started by Charlie Oerter, Sep 5, 2018.

  1. Charlie Oerter

    Charlie Oerter Copper BB

    I've found my Fathers Mossberg 190KB, my mom stored it away after his passing and forgot where she put it (she's 98 so can't fault her).

    Anyway, I cleaned it up, had to get a replacement trigger guard and a new magazine, so its all ready to go.

    I picked up some 16 gauge ammo, NSI Fiield & Target #8 shot and Federal Power Shok #1 Buck.

    When I went out to the range, I ran into a problem with the spent shells ejecting. The Federal Power Shok wound eject every time and didn't give me any problems. The problem was with the NSI. 3 out of 4 shells wouldn't eject and I had to use a cleaning rod to get them out.

    Below are photos of the ejector, and the 2 shells next to each other. It looks like the ejector is good, however the rim of the NSI looks more rounded, which could account for the ejection failures.

    My question is if this is a fair assumption, or do I have other problems, with the 190.


    IMG_20180707_193241445 (Medium).jpg IMG_20180905_134112000 (Medium).jpg IMG_20180707_193241445 (Medium).jpg IMG_20180905_134112000 (Medium).jpg
  2. Charlie Oerter

    Charlie Oerter Copper BB

    Found this out from another forum, figured I'd pass it on.

    "The NSI and some other Euro 16's have that rolled radius rim that some guns have issues with."

    So it probably is an issue with the ammo. I'm going to try some Federal, since the #1 buck works well.

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