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4x4 30-06 Jamming Issue

Discussion in 'Mossberg 4x4 Bolt Action' started by averagehnter, Nov 19, 2011.

  1. averagehnter

    averagehnter Copper BB

    Hey Everyone,

    I am new to the forum and hope that I can get some sage advice. I just bought a 4x4 Laminate stock 30-06. Brought it home after purchasing it and having it bore sighted so I thought I would test the trigger pull and put a couple of snap caps into it (yes they are the right size). On the very first cycle it jammed and has happened about every 3rd cycle thereafter both with live rounds and snap caps alike. I have an ATR 30-06 and love it so this is why I bought this rifle. Needless to say I am pretty upset right now!

    Has anyone here had the same issue and have some advice on what I should do? It almost appears that the magazine is not feeding the round upward correctly (or with to much pressure) and therefore the bolt is not catching it correctly. It is feeding it at an angle.....hence the jam! Any helpful thoughts or comments would be much appreciated. Again this is not my first Mossberg rifle but if this is an ongoing issue it will be my last.
  2. DHonovich

    DHonovich Founder Staff Member Administrator Sponsor "Philanthropist"

    I have been shooting a Mossberg 4x4 .30-06 for over a year now and have not come across this issue. I will have a look at mine later to see if there is anything that I could think of. Would you mind posting some pictures?
  3. Jerry

    Jerry Copper BB

    I purchased the 30-06 a couple months ago and have the exact same problems. I noticed that if I cycled the bolt slowly nearly every round would jam. Quick action of the bolt on loading would allow slightly more consistent loading before jamming. Talked to Mossberg and was told to send the rifle in for a check, slightly expensive to check out a mag. Also learned that the rifle will produce 1-1.5 inch groups (100 yds) for maybe 3 or 4 rounds until the barrel warms up then it's a crap shoot guessing where the bullets will land. Might invest in another mag. box and try it but if things do not improve the rifle is history.

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