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A Canadian Apologizing To You Americans

Discussion in 'Work Safe' started by bubbakaloosh, Dec 25, 2012.

  1. bubbakaloosh

    bubbakaloosh .410

    So I just learned that british people ( my background ) actually brought the word "yall" to the united states...

    We always laugh when the southern people use that word...but now....i can't. Theres your fact of the day.

    Wanna know something else? we are never "touching" anything while we live....everything in the world including our own bodies are made up of atoms...atoms cannot touch eachother...so when your touching that hot girls booty...your actually not touching her....your just feeling the repelling force of the atoms pushing away from eachother.
  2. oli700

    oli700 12g Supporter "Philanthropist"

  3. speedyquad

    speedyquad .270 WIN

    i wonder if this will help my case with the wife in the middle of the night when trying to wake her up for some adult fun? i doubt it, but will try...thanks...lol

    i like a man that takes the blame, eh.
  4. John A.

    John A. Unconstitutional laws are not laws. Staff Member Administrator Global Moderator

    I use a lot of words like Y'all.

    Being born and raised in the south, I'm rather proud of my dialect. There is not another remotely close to it anywhere else in the world. And being from the southern tip of the Appalachian mountains, and even further cross linguistic peculiararities with scot/irish and native american Cherokee can combine to give a very unique accent that I am very proud to have.

    I could call you badwords in 3 different languages before I could write the alphabet of any of them and you'd probably not even know it if I didn't want you to.

    At least I don't end most of my sentences with "A" as a question. My Aunt Mary who moved to Toronto back in the late 1960's when she married Otto developed a God awful proper accent that would nearly make a mule snicker.

    And I guess while you're on the subject of making fun of those in the south, I'll let you in on a little secret.

    People who are from the south have a general dislike of yanks anyway.
  5. ripjack13

    ripjack13 Resident Sawdust Maker Staff Member Administrator Supporter "Philanthropist"

    Whoa. Ayuh.....That be some hurtful words there...I gots no control ovah wherah I was born..... But I love the South. Ayuh....
  6. Rossignol

    Rossignol The Original Sheriff Staff Member Global Moderator Moderator Sponsor

    :lol: Wow, what a strange thread topic...

    While I'm here. I say y'all quite a bit too. My family origins include nearly half... French Canadians, in fact from "Acadia" the people who became the "Cajuns". My people largely settled down in ME and CT. My grandfather spoke little english till he met my grandmother. Another half were settled in the Appalachians, coal miners, scots/irish, possibly a couple Norwegian folks, its said that's where the persistent blond hair comes from.

    I'm in Ohio. Folks from the north and north/east call us hillbillies, folks in the south call us yanks. I sound like a redneck to new englanders while folks I know south of the mason-dixon say I may as well be from Rhode Island.

    I'm fine, yall are messed up. ;)
  7. ripjack13

    ripjack13 Resident Sawdust Maker Staff Member Administrator Supporter "Philanthropist"


    :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
  8. old mossy

    old mossy Global Moderator Staff Member Global Moderator Moderator

    i'm not even gonna open my mouth,,,i'll get in trouble. :lol: :lol: :lol:
  9. Fronty Owner

    Fronty Owner .270 WIN

    If you compare the words, structure, and cadence of the queens english to the southern english, you will find quite a few similarities.

    Ya'll be safe up there.
  10. badboybeeson

    badboybeeson .22LR

    very strange post
    as a Brit and a canadian, i find it very strange to hear that that word would have come from the old english..
    but hey the british get blamed for alot, the rest is the fault of the french!! :mrgreen:
  11. Fronty Owner

    Fronty Owner .270 WIN

    lets me just extend my condolences now....
  12. rjpoog1989

    rjpoog1989 20g

    I don't know what yunz is all talking about...

    Strange topic by the way.
  13. Itsricmo

    Itsricmo .30-06


    :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

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