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Another 22" JM Pro cooking together

Discussion in 'Mossberg 930 Autoloader' started by AbyssDncr, Sep 16, 2019.

  1. AbyssDncr

    AbyssDncr .410

    Finally got the last piece of the puzzle I've been jonesing over in today, so I took the afternoon off work to go play. Add she sits now, 22" JM Pro, almost a full set of extended Carlson tubes, OR3GUN teflon MST & CFR, SBE piston, follower, & +1 mag extension, KE Arms mount, 8.5 MOA Deltapoint Pro, and Beretta check riser pad. Factory stock spacer kit is coming from OFM someday to play with the stock drop a bit as well as GG&G light & sling mounts. It'll be wearing a WMLx on the GG&G mount at home.

    Got it pretty well sighted in this afternoon and proceeded to shoot my best round of trap yet. I've never been a big scatter gun shooter, so I was pretty proud of my 22/25. Granted, I shot a 21 last week with my bone stock 28" field gun, so it might just be practice. However, with this gun and admittedly limited time behind the wheel, the optic got me at least 20% more hits.

    Next up will be a 930 Security combo to poach the 28" barrel and play a little bit of Pete & Repeat for a mini-me like Joker18 has posted in the SBE thread.

    Edit: is there any way to edit a thread title? Autocorrect got me...

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  2. Sarge

    Sarge .22LR

    Did yours run OK out of the box? My 22" IM was kind of a QC train-wreck and took some work to make it reliable.

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