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Did you try BALLISTOL?

Discussion in 'Product Review' started by selous, Nov 26, 2012.

  1. selous

    selous .270 WIN

    When cleaning our guns ,everybody has his own tricks and materials.I respect them.Some years ago,when I started with black powder I looked for a good product to eliminate any trace of corrosion ,fouling and also to protect the guns from it.

    I heard to talk very well about a product developed more than 100 years ago in Germany,with a caractheristic smell:Ballistol.Mix 5 parts of destilled water with 1 part of Ballistol and you will get "Ballistol milk",very efective for cleaning muzzleloading guns.
    Here you can see a picture of it:


    From Wikipedia:
    Ballistol (meaning 'Ballistic Oil') is a mineral oil-based chemical which advertises that it has many uses. It was originally intended for cleaning, lubricating, and protecting firearms. The product originated from Germany before World War I, after the German military requested an 'all-around' oil and cleaner for their rifles and equipment. The German military used it from 1905 to 1945.

    The chemical is a yellowish clear liquid with a consistency expected of a light oil. However, when it comes in contact with water it emulsifies, becoming a thick creamy white substance. It has a sweet and mildly pungent smell similar to black licorice. It is distributed in liquid and aerosol forms. The aerosol uses butane or propane as a propellant.

    It advertises it has no carcinogens. Some other similar chemicals contain petro-chemicals which can pollute the environment if improperly handled, and can damage the 'seasoning' developed on the bore of a black-powder gun.

    From Ballistol USA:
    FIREARMS - Cleans & dissolves traces of copper, lead, brass, zinc, & tombac. Lubricates & protects firearms, lock, stock & barrel. Forms a film that protects against rust. Will never gum-up or harden. Ideal for pistol grips, & rifle stocks. Removes residue from corrosive ammo.

    BLACK POWDER - Dissolves black powder residues. Emulsifies with water. Mildly alkaline, neutralizes acids. Excellent patch lube.

    LEATHER - Use on boots, shoes, gloves, holsters, slings, & saddles. Protects leather against water. Keeps leather soft & pliable, will darken lighter colors. Do not use on suede.

    KNIVES & TOOLS - Lubricates, cleans, & protects metal, plastic, rubber, & wood. Outstanding penetrating oil, creeps into the finest cracks, loosens nuts & bolts. Also use as a cutting/boring oil (5:1 or 10:1).

    MARINE - Use in motor compartments, on joints, links, wire pulls, & around battery terminals. Protects electrical contacts. Beautifies faded gel coats. Lubricates zippers, push buttons, & winches. Great for fishing rods, reels, & tackle. Protects Aluminum, prevents pitting.

    ROAD & TRAIL - Lubricates autos, motorcycles, bicycles, rollerblades, skateboards, skis, & sports equipment. Protects all camping gear.

    More info at this link:

    In 1913 Messrs. Kolb, a Philadelphia corporation submitted Ballistol to the "War Department's" Springfield Armory for T&E. Ballistol was tested on several firearms and Ordnance Captain Ramsey notified Messrs. Kolb by end of April 1914 that Ballistol had been found to be far superior to the Cosmoline used at the time by the US Army for firearms maintenance. Kolb was encouraged to submit a proposal in response to the Army's next RFP. However, in the Fall of 1914 the Austrian Army marched into Serbia and WWI began. Since January 01, 1993, Ballistol has been marketed exclusively by the former Washington Trading Company, now called Ballistol, USA. In 1993 the Navy’s Seal Team 6 tested Ballistol and adopted it in 1994 for weapon maintenance. The US Coast Guard began using Ballistol in 1994. Today Ballistol is used by numerous state and local law enforcement departments and departments of correction throughout the US. For Federal Agencies, Ballistol is available through the Defense General Supply Center (DGSC) of the Defense Logistics Agency. The CAGE Code for Ballistol is "OZKM2". Inquire about the NSN,s for Ballistol sizes.

    Any experience with this oil???
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  2. Itsricmo

    Itsricmo .30-06

    Neat! I have never heard of this product before!
    Recently, I have considered picking up a Muzzle Loader due to the advances in External Ballistic jumps with accuracy from Sabot rounds and new powders. Just can't spend the $275 on a muzzle loader when I can on a good single shot :p hahah
  3. mark32812

    mark32812 .270 WIN Supporter

    I worked in a muzzle loader gun shop one summer and every night around closing time I would wipe every gun in the store down with some Ballistol. When I was done I smelled pretty bad. But the watering hole I would go to after work was in the same parking lot and was owned by the same owner as the gun club. No one seamed to mind the Ballistol smell.
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  4. Bri-Guy

    Bri-Guy Copper BB

    I heard about it from Hickok45 and started using it to clean and lubricate my guns and don't have any complaints.

    I'm sure there are several other excellent products that do the same, but this stuff has been around a long time and has a good, proven track record
  5. Daryll

    Daryll .270 WIN Supporter

    Yep, been using for a few years, when my last bottle of CLP ran out...I bought a 500ml tin of it, it will probably outlast me..!

    It does everything it says on the tin, and doesn't smell too bad either.

    I use a combination either that or Froglube liquid for most gun cleaning.
  6. John A.

    John A. I'm "THAT" guy Staff Member Global Moderator Moderator

    Ballistol does some particularly nasty things to certain polymers. Be aware.
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  7. billt

    billt .22LR

    Ballistol was introduced before WW I, and is nearly 104 years old. While Ballistol is better than nothing, there are much better gun lubrication products available today. And Mineral Oil, while made from a petroleum base stock, can and does go bad after time. And it can leave your guns a sticky mess when it does.
  8. hombre243

    hombre243 .30-06 Elite Member

    I use Ballistol, but not a lot because I just like to rotate my oils and cleaning products. I like it and it does work well for cleaning and lubricatng guns. It penetrated and loosens caked in/on gunk, grease, carbon and lead. I did know it was mixable with water but never thought to use it in a ML barrel. I will do that. Thanks for the post.

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