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Miculek Competition Lifter!

Discussion in 'Mossberg 930 Autoloader' started by Misery930, May 20, 2020.

  1. Misery930

    Misery930 .270 WIN

    This is a MUST HAVE upgrade for the 930! For 9 years now I've lived with the cutout at the end of the lifter, tried to load with a bent thumb, and had my thumb eaten but no longer. Jerry's website had this in stock and ready to ship so I got it without a second thought. Here are some photos. I noticed that since it's slightly longer, this will catch on a factory follower. The bump at the end of the follower sticks out a bit too far and when you push the lifter up on an empty mag, it stays up because it's trapped there. Now, you can file a small amount off of the end of the lifter or change your follower. Considering the lifter cost $58 shipped and you can get a new magazine follower for about a third of that, I'd suggest changing the follower. I switched to a generic stainless steel follower I had in a spare parts bin and the bump sticks out slightly less so the lifter doesn't get stuck. Installation took a few minutes but most of that was because I turned the trigger assembly on the side and the hammer pin fell out so I had to look for it. I admit that $50 plus is not inexpensive but I think it's worth every penny. If your 930 rarely sees any action or if you have unusually plump thumbs that don't get caught, maybe it's not worth it for you but this is the shotgun I shoot the most and it's absolutely worth it for me.

    13 in stock as of this post.

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