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Mossberg 590 Pump Action Mag Tubes: Extensions and Springs

Discussion in 'Mossberg 590 Pump Action' started by Conny Miller, Mar 20, 2011.

  1. INMY01TA

    INMY01TA .410

    So did you wver get a new extension?
  2. 95jza80tt

    95jza80tt .270 WIN

    Yah, he ended up getting the same choate one that you have.
  3. Glenn

    Glenn .410

    Yeah I did get the 4.25 one and it stuck out just a bit past the barrel which was unexpected. So the 4 1/8 would have been flush. It doesn't really add that much to the barrel, I guess 1/8th so it's not a big deal. When I am loading the shells the 7th one is pretty tight so it is probably best I went with the 4.25".
  4. fellmann

    fellmann Esoteric Supporter Premier Member

    I have been thinking ( Yes, once again :) ) about the magtube on my 590A1. Everything on the shotgun is pretty sturdy, but, the magtube seem so thin and fragile ? My brain worries it can be easily dented and screw everything up in a SHTF scenario. How likely.. or have it happened ? how much bad luck is required ? It feel like its room for a thicker magtube ? But they probably dont exist ?

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