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Mossberg 801 Half Pint Plinkster Reviews...

Discussion in 'Mossberg 801 Half Pint Plinkster' started by DHonovich, Aug 11, 2010.

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    GR Staff Review

    Mossberg’s 801 Half Pint .22LR Bolt-Action

    North Haven, CT – Seeing the growth amongst young shooters, Mossberg International introduces the new 801 Half Pint. This little, affordable .22LR rifle is a great starter gun for taking on all kinds or assorted targets – without breaking the bank.

    Far too many youngsters are introduced to the shooting sports by well-meaning parents who hand their sons or daughters a rifle that is too heavy and out of proportion for them to handle comfortably. Not so with the 801 Half Pint. Here’s a bolt-action single shot .22LR rifle designed specifically for young shooters as an ideal starter gun.

    As your young shooter becomes more familiar with the gun and more experienced, the removable magazine plug can be replaced with an optional 10-shot magazine, easily converting the Half Pint into a repeater.

    801 Half Pint Plinkster Bolt-Action – Key Features

    •Blued metal finish, wood stock;
    •12¼” length of pull;
    •Receiver grooved to accept ⅜” scope mounts;
    •Convenient cross bolt safety and magazine release buttons;
    •Single shot – includes removable magazine plug;
    •16” free-floating barrel;
    •Fully adjustable rifle sights;
    •Includes a free gun lock;
    •One-Year limited warranty

    Product Specifications
    Action Type Bolt-Action

    Caliber .22LR
    Magazine Capacity Single Shot
    Barrel Length 16”
    Sights Adjustable Rifle Sight
    Avg. Weight 4.0 lbs.
    MSRP $177

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