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Picatinny rail screws

Discussion in 'Mossberg 930 Autoloader' started by 930Blackwater, May 25, 2012.

  1. 930Blackwater

    930Blackwater .22LR

    I know similar posts have been made. I guess this is half a complaint, half an ask for help. I like many people have lost the two small screws on the Picatinny rail front site on the top of my 930 SPX through the crazy act of firing my shotgun. Mine is specifically a Blackwater Edition, but not sure if that matters. I see per my searches that 8-40 socket cap screws are what is needed. Unfortunately, the length of that screw is not specified. I have emailed Mossberg Customer support once, with no reply. I've called Mossberg Customer support twice, both times I was told they'd send me replacement screws. Many weeks later, guess what, no screws. The concept of an issue or ticket number is apparently too complex a customer service task for them as each time I call I have to start over and explain what I need.

    Question 1, does anyone have a better suggestion for dealing with support?

    Question 2, can anyone just tell me exactly what length of 8-40 socket cap screws I need and where I can just purchase them?

    Crazy something so small has to be so complicated.
  2. BBossman1

    BBossman1 .410

    I don't know the length, but if I remember correctly from when I pulled mine to Loc-tite them, they are 2 different lengths. If you call, they will take your order over the phone.

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  3. dsastgguy

    dsastgguy .22LR

    Re: Picatinny rail screws 930 SPX

    Just an update.

    I read this thread the other day, which reminded me to remove and locktite the screws back in.

    The longer screw is about 7mm, but the head is countersunk with a taper.
    The 7mm is measured from the beginning of the threaded area near the head to the tip of the screw.

    The shorter screw is 3mm with a taper.
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  4. SPX

    SPX Copper BB

    Mossberg sells the front Picatinny rail screws for the 930 SPX for $2 a piece + shipping. Call their customer support and ask for part number 18444MT. Screw them in with a bit of Loctite blue (threadlocker) to make sure they don't fall back out.
  5. Rob72

    Rob72 .410

    Any fastener that is not torque-set, or thread-locked in place, will leave the point of attachement on any firearm. Since some users will place optics, with optic-specific bases, on the 930, it makes sense for Mossberg not to LT them down.

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