Shooting ranges near Lafayette Hills PA??

Discussion in 'Middle Atlantic' started by Daryll, Jan 7, 2017.

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    Hi All....

    I'll be staying at Lafayette Hills PA for a business conference in the middle of May 2017, and looking for somewhere to "pay and play".....

    Can anyone suggest a range thats fairly close, (not sure if I'll have a rental car or not at the moment), does lane and gun rental, (mainly pistol, but semi-auto rifle would also be fun) and will deal with "foreigners"...??
    (I can bring my Uk Firearm Certificate, showing what I own in the Uk, and my NRA of UK card, if that helps...)

    Thanks in advance

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    Daryll, I think your intentions to shoot in PA next May are great. From the link that SHOOTER13 provided above I see that there is a club that is less than 20 miles from Lafayette Hills. It is a private club, but I see that they hold public competitions. Pistol IDPA and IPSC. Rifle CMP.

    What I would do if I were you is contact someone in the club via email and ask for advice.

    Specifically, with my interests, I would proceed to contact the IDPA Match Director via email. Walter Mosetter's address is

    You should tell him your schedule and what you are interested in doing and take it from there. IDPA (International Defensive Pistol Association) is one of the friendliest organisations to new participants around.

    I've been a match director for IDPA and other competitions. If I were to get such a call from you I would feel honored. I would arrange to pick you up, take you to my range as a guest, supply you with guns, ammo, targets, and dinner.

    If you feel you need an introduction, I'd be happy to make some initial contacts for you. Just contact me in a Conversation here on the forum and I'll find out what you need and let you know what I can offer.

    Use these links for planning and contacts for
    Lower Providence Rod & Gun Club

    : <-- That is their IDPA page <-- That is their calendar, just change months till you get to May.

    Lower Providence Rod & Gun Club features a number of different ranges for use by our members and their guests.
    Lower Providence Rod & Gun Club is located in Audobon, PA at 2857 Egypt Rd.
    For more information they can be contacted via phone at (610) 666-7460
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    Many thanks Shooter13 and Scoop....

    Looking at the Lower Providence calendar for May, they have an Action Pistol evening on Tuesday 16th May, which will will coincide with my conference, (15th to 18th May) so thats a definate possibility.
    Unfortunately I won't be there for their IPDA match on the 27th.

    When I know more details about the conference, and whether they have any evening events planned, i'll get in touch with the Match Director.

    Thanks again.

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